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Module connect transcript

Hello, I’m Darren Webb from igus UK, and for those of you who are into design for manufacture – DFM. I would like to introduce you to the next level in plug and play solutions. The igus module connect. 

So one of main benefits of module connect is that you can do a 3 or 4 pole version of a quick connection module. Literally goes, two prefabricated assembly points, yet you are unable to connect the main part of the module connect. Then where the plug and play and speed for manufacture comes into it is with a pre-harnessed module connect assembly, and it literally is as simple as pushing into place, and then tightening down the two securing bolts. And that is how quick it is to assemble a harnessed unit from the module connect range. 

 So if you would like more information on the igus module connect, please contact me on the below information, and I will contact you straight away.”



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