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Tribo-tape transcript  

“Hello, Rob Dumayne here again, dry-tech Director for the UK. I just want to introduce you to our new tribo-tape materials. These are tribologically enhanced materials that are low friction. Varying from the V400 which is a high temperature material, the B160 material which is a black low friction, high wear material, the W160 which is an anti-UV material, so that means we can have that out in the daytime in direct sunlight and it won’t affect the properties of the material, and finally, the A160 which is a food approved, low friction, self-adhesive tape. 

So, this is just an example of very simple shape which we can cut out.  We have a simple square, or a kidney bean shape for a wear strip on a conveyor system and even special stamped out pieces which we can produce at a very high volume as well. If you do a lot of repetitive work with self-adhesive, low friction tape, then this is the material for that. This one also comes on a large reel, which you can buy by the metre or on a 50m reel. All available from stock in all the 4 materials mentioned earlier. 

So if you would like more information, please contact us on the info below, and we will be able to get some samples out to you.” 



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