What does drylin® now offer online?

Vast websites can be a confusing black hole, and with so many products now in the igus® standard range, we are always aiming to make finding the most suitable product for every application as simple as possible.

We have been working tirelessly at making improvements to the website and hopefully the new drylin® pages reflect that.

So, what does drylin® now offer online?

drylin offer online


A consistent layout, clear imagery and succinct text, the drylin® pages are now easier to use. Not only are they more concise, they allow customers who don’t know our products to scroll through and navigate without confusion. It shows different options, it flows in an understandable manner and is less complicated.


We have made the overview page more simple and less cluttered. It has links to the latest press releases, blogs and videos of the week that are relevant to drylin® products, again making the journey cleaner for the customer.

It is easy on the eye, with all the images, text and buttons all in the same format.

online tools

We offer online configuration tools:

We have incorporated the various configuration tools into a streamlined banner, making it recognisable and consistent on all the pages. These tools, as with all the configuration tools are not only free but allow you to calculate and evaluate the most suitable products for your application.

Frequently asked questions:

We offer online FAQs

drylin® is so vast that there is always a lot of questions surrounding the different products. Each page has three key FAQ’s and a link to a huge range of others. Allowing you to find the answers you need quickly, of course, when clarification is needed there is always a real person at the end of a phone to help. Read our FAQs here.

Making ordering easier:

Making the navigation and the experience easier for the customer is key. We want the process to be as streamline as possible, with more people using the online service to order their parts, and finding the parts you need is the first step in this system.

We still have a long way to go but we are making leaps and bounds in what we offer online, so go and check out the new drylin® page and we welcome any feedback you have!


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