Cost-effective e-chains®

It is no surprise that when it comes to sourcing products, being cost-effective is often the prominent consideration. After all, everyone wants to be getting the best deal, now more than ever.  With that in mind, igus® has ensured that it is able to offer cost-effective products across the board, in all areas of the business from polymer plain bearings to energy chains; from cost-effective robots to cables. This piece helps provide an insight into some of the cost-effective e-chains® that are available.

Which energy chain ranges are the most cost-effective that igus® offer?

In order to ensure that all manner of applications and industries are covered, igus® has a range of e-chains® with unique features that enable them to be cost-effective; from being lightweight to offering fast installation.

What makes them low cost and which industries are they targeting?

The cost-effective chains are all lightweight and are aimed at being produced in high volumes. This group of energy chains have been designed specifically for certain applications, but all the chains are very different in style and functionality.

Variations of cost-effective e-chains®

Snapchain, TE14 & TE26

The benefits of snapchain are that it is easy to fill, very low installation costs and is a one-piece moulding. It is the perfect chain if a simple solution is required. These are very easily adjustable chains which are perfect for applications where you need short lengths and don’t require much in the way of physical protection.

Office chain, ZF14

The office chain is the aesthetically pleasing chain! It has closed outer contours and mounting brackets that easily clip on. These mounting brackets can either be screwed or bonded thanks to the large flat surface. As with all these chains, it has a design which enables it to be filled easily.  This chain is also UL94-V2 certified, the UL 94 Standard provides a method for rating the ignition characteristics of plastic materials.  This chain is commonly found on height adjustable furniture or similar applications without highly dynamic movement.

Furniture chain, OCR

If you have multiple cables that need to be routed safely and securely then this chain is ideal. The OCR furniture chain means that the routing of cables is now more practical, but also safer and more secure. The OCR chain is easy to use – simply press the cables into the chain! The chain also can be quickly configured from rigid to flexible simply by pulling the ball and socket joint into a detent.  The mounting brackets can be used to attach the chain with adhesive, screws or magnets, which means that it can be relocated to new positions if required. The new intermediate bracket now enables parts of the chain to be attached to metal surfaces with simple magnetic clips. You can also request for this chain to be produced in different colours.

To ensure that igus® is able to provide products for every customer requirement, to match varying environments and applications and to make sure customers are getting the best products for the best price, it is essential that low-cost product ranges are available. The market is congested but igus® products show that you can be cost-effective whilst still maintaining quality. 

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