Drone in a box – Could you modify your drone?

Drone in a box is the new necessity of 2021. As drones grow in popularity, whether they stay around is still to be seen, however for now, they are here, and they are actually quite impressive when used correctly. In January 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the first fully autonomous commercial drone flights. There are still significant restrictions on these flights but if all rules and regulations are adhered to, there are so many ways that drones could be used.

Drone in a box

drone in a box

One step further into drone development is the new “drone in a box”. This concept was designed as a station for take-off and landing, recharging and to contain the control software. This self-contained box allows the drone to fly automatically and autonomously, and with the help of igus® products this is lubrication- free, low maintenance and cost- effective.

What features do drones and the drone in a box need?

These lightweight drones demand lightweight products. It is also imperative that any products used in retrofitting within the drone or the box are corrosion- free and weather- resistant. Being open to the elements means that any corrosion can be detrimental to both the drone and the box.

Elements on the box

elements of drone in a box

The box operates an open and closing mechanism to allow the drone in and out of the box. This cover is operated using high helix leadscrews with matching leadscrew nuts. To keep the leadscrews in their position, the box is fitted using the igubal® 2-hole fixed flange bearings.

To raise and lower the landing platform drylin® linear guides are used with a leadscrew axis. This allows an accurate positioning and smooth movement. Linked with the mini E2 energy chain to protect the cables, the movement is effortless. With the Robolink® worm gear and low-cost robot, the batteries are autonomously replaced.

Modify your drone

Drones are controlled remotely by either a smartphone or a remote control. There is only a certain level of control the operator can have of something that is hundreds of  metres up in the air, so crashes occur! Drones get broken and the parts can be expensive.

igus® lubrication- free polymer bearings are ideal when you need to replace broken bearings within the drone. They are lightweight, can be bought individually and are in stock in the UK, so no long lead times.

There are a multitude of ways that we can help with retrofitting drones and the drone in a box.

Are these the future? We will see, but igus® will be there to provide parts when needed.

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