Introducing the range of igus® FDA and EU compliant products

FDA and EU compliant products are hard to come by, igus® has been developing and producing various products for the use in food production which comply to FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and EU-10/2011 (European food standards) for many years, and the range has grown year on year. So, it was only fitting that the specialised product group had a designated page to showcase our various products!

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Last month, the new FDA and EU 10/2011-compliant page was released, and this blog is to highlight some of the key products within the FDA category.

The FDA and EU compliant products at igus are:

iglidur® plain bearings

FDA and EU compliant products within our range of iglidur® plain bearings allows most applications to be considered. There are various high-temperature options, blue variants and materials resistant to extreme high chemicals.  There is a selection of both sleeve and flange bearings that are available from UK stock.


The blue iglidur® tape is perfectly suited to applications where space constraints are in place. The tape comes in both self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive versions and in various widths and lengths. This versatile tape can also be adapted to any custom shape!

Knife edge rollers

These products are one of the unsung heroes that people tend not to realise we sell. These overlooked little products are vital in areas of food and packaging to ensure conveyors run smoothly, connecting different areas of the conveyors for a seamless transitional journey from A to B. There are different materials available in the FDA range; ranging from iglidur® A180, commonly known as the “all-rounder” to the iglidur® A350, the high-temperature endurance runner.

chain compliant

TH3 energy chain

The innovative design of the TH3 energy chain is the first hygienic design to be developed. The base material is resistant to chemicals and aggressive cleaning agents and with its distinct blue colouring, it is perfect for food & packaging applications and FDA and EU compliant products.

iglidur® polymer rod and plate

Similar to the knife edge rollers, the range of FDA-approved polymer rods and plate is fairly substantial, which allows nearly every food application to be covered. We have high-temperature and high chemical- resistant materials, media- resistant materials, all lubrication- free and available in many different sizes, ready to be machined or used as simple wear pads.

dryspin nuts & stainless-steel linear units

These go hand in hand in some cases. The stainless-steel linear units are ideally suited for aggressive environments. These can be fitted with A180 or A160 liners and also A180 leadscrew nuts. This combination ensures a completely food- approved system.

Tribo coating

tribo coating FDA complaint

The newest addition to the FDA family. igus® has developed a few variations of tribo coating using the tribologically-optimised polymers in a powder form. These can be applied to numerous metallic surfaces to create a low wear sliding surface. The IC-05 has been designed for the food and packaging industry and with FDA & EU 10/2011 certification it is perfectly suited for applications where space is an issue, you require a surface which has direct contact with food yet needs protection from wear and to increase the service life of your application.

3D print materials

3D printing is taking over the world, so it is obvious to see why the A350-PF filament was introduced. This high-temperature filament not only has FDA & EU- compliant certification it also complies with the fire prevention requirement of the FAA for aircraft interiors. Versatility is essential and with such prominent properties, this filament is adapted perfectly for varied applications and environments

All of the Food- Approved products have relevant certification should you wish to view it. Go and check out the new page and see where the FDA products might be suitable for your application.

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