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FDA & EU compliant products are not new to the igus® range, they do however have a brand new page! It was only fitting that the products were introduced again with fresh eyes....
3 November 2020 Erin Kemal tribo-tape
If you could purchase a low-cost product that could prevent wear on sliding surfaces and effectively prolong the lifetime of your application wouldn't you invest? The igus® tribo-tape could be your saviour!
24 July 2020 Erin Kemal dry-tech , drylin , iglidur , tribo-tape
The Automotive industry relies on products being effective, predictable, long life and as low maintenance as possible. igus® have been working with companies in this industry for nearly 3 decades and the Automotive specialist Dave Spences discusses how igus® have supported the industry with devel...
Being blue is a sign of safety in the food industry. igus® have a range of products that are designed to be suitable and enforce safety in such environments.
13 February 2020 Erin Kemal dry-tech , iglidur , tribo-tape
How do you protect your sliding elements from wear within your application? igus® has developed a specific product range to help in this situation. Let us introduce you to the Tribo tape family and see how we can help your application.