How to use tribo-tape in the Food and Packaging industry

When companies are trying to optimise the service life of products, it is sometimes the most inoffensive and understated product that can help. These are the products that no-one really considers until an issue arises which needs rectifying. What if you could prevent rather than waiting until you require a cure? In industries such as Food & Packaging and labelling there are a multitude of applications that can benefit from a simple product. A product overlooked due to its simplicity; the igus® tribo -tape.

What is tribo tape?

The tribo-tape is an iglidur® high-performance designed tape which was developed for lining surfaces as a method of protecting the sliding surface. It also allows the goods passing over the surface, therefore reducing potential damage.

This is especially suitable in areas where there are high production frequencies within the application. These are areas such as conveyors and bottle production. Using iglidur® properties for the tape ensures a long service life is achievable. It allows s a low coefficient of friction surface for products to slide along.

This tribologically developed tape is perfect for applications such as under conveyor belts, reject chutes and label applications, providing protection of products that pass over stainless-steel sheet conveyors.  By simply adding a segment of tribo-tape can be invaluable.  Items such as bottles are fragile but with the protective layer of tape, this acts as a cushion effectively preventing breakages and enabling a safe uneventful transfer from A to B.

There are two options for attaching the tape to the required surfaces. One is to manually clamp or screw into the film. This is not a usual manner of attaching the tape but is it a possibility.  This also depends on the contour and the support surface. The other method is to simply use the adhesive backed version. The tribo tape is available with or without a self-adhesive back. The self-adhesive back must be removed from the protective film and, can be placed onto the surface, as long as the surface has been thoroughly cleaned.

Quick and easy!

If the tape is fixed correctly and ever needs replacing it is easily done by peeling off, ensuring the surface is clean and free from any dirt particles and replacing with a new section of tape. Quick and easy!

In order to appeal to all application requirements, the tape is available in various materials from a high temperature version to an FDA version, from a black to a white version, there really is something for every application.

The tribo-tape is versatile with its properties and this versatility is apparent through the varying widths, which range from 20mm wide to 500mm wide as standard, as well as various material options. You also have the choice between having a self-adhesive version or non-adhesive.

So really, the choice is yours. Which one will suit your application?

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