igus® parts in the fitness industry

The fitness industry is huge, financially and economically and even if you aren’t a gym enthusiast, somewhere along the way, sports equipment will infiltrate your world in some form. Whether it be a bicycle, a rowing machine or a treadmill gathering dust in the garage!

Statistics show that the services predominantly used in gyms are fitness devices for weight training and cardio machines. The focus for any equipment used in this industry is ergonomic and requires smooth movements, from adjusting sitting positions and weights to the inclination of the devices. With all of these requirements, igus® products can help. The range of drylin® linear systems are comfortable to handle and work almost silently. This is crucial when considering large sports facilities with several hundred exercise machines, noise generation must be minimal.

Another key feature to consider is that igus® products are lubrication-free. Without using lubrication-free products, oil and grease would seep onto the equipment and onto the user. Not only are both of those key areas to be considered when designing and building such equipment, professionally- used exercise machines must withstand continuous operation on a daily basis so a predictable lifetime is essential.


Cardio machines:

fitness industry cardio machines

The ideal sitting position plays a crucial role with cardio machines. This can prevent and avoid straining joints and muscles. Whether by hand or electronically, seat distances and height adjustments of grips and displays can be adjusted in seconds and tailored to your specific needs. With the various profiles and complete carriages or single linear bearings, the drylin® W linear guide offers the ideal system for every design. The type of movement generated using the drylin® range is comparable to traditional linear products, however, the drylin® products decrease operating noises and weight while also reducing costs by 40%.

Using linear bearings ensure low friction and silent sliding of the seat. Other areas of the machines where there is both rotating and pivoting joints can be adjusted ideally with igus® bearings, again silent and without maintenance.

Weights in the fitness industry:

weights in the fitness industry

One of the most popular exercise machines for weight training includes leg curl and extension. Here, drylin® W linear guides and iglidur® bearings ensure that the movement is continuous and smooth running.  The linear guide allows for simple and almost silent adjustment of the height of the pad for leg training. Double profiles and carriages can be mounted quickly and because of the lubrication-free operation, absolutely no maintenance is required. For all bearings within the joints of the machines, iglidur® G and M250 bearings are perfect. No matter where they are installed on the machine, they are corrosion-resistant, silent and have a predictable lifetime, so ideal for such equipment.

Bicycles in the fitness industry:

fitness bicycles

Using igus® polymer bearings in bicycles not only reduces the weight of the bike, it can increase the lifetime and reduce the cost long term. As with all igus® products, they are corrosion free, so they can withstand all the elements, dirt and the general hammering a bicycle can get!

However, you get your endorphins running, make sure that the products you are using are lightweight, lubrication-free and cost-effective within the fitness industry. If they aren’t already, change to igus® products!

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