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car actuators

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I think you might be surprised at the complexity of car actuators. These are constantly working secretly to convert energy into movement. This can be for a multitude of functions and operations; such as ensuring airflow, providing power to the throttle and even a simple movement of adjusting a seat.

There are strict requirements for these components, especially in the automotive & aerospace industries: noise restrictions, weight restrictions and reliability. With such specialised requirements, igus® thrive on these challenges

We develop and produce lubrication-free components for innovative solutions in these industries. One focus product right now is car actuators. These are used in length, height and tilt adjustments of seats, in lumbar supports, locking systems, window regulators, sliding roofs, rear view cameras, engine thermal management or lighting systems. For applications such as these, we use our plain iglidur® bearings, lead screws and lead screw nuts, as well as gears and gearing components driven and controlled by our automation components within our product range. We manufacture standard and bespoke lead screw components and also fully constructed car actuators.

Our lead screws are designed and patented to match our lead screw nuts under the name dryspin®. These products can be used in both interior and exterior components within the automotive industry, and of course, have the usual dry running maintenance-free attributes.

What are polymer car actuators three main benefits?

Polymer car actuators yield three main benefits:

  • Noise reduction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High efficiency
car seats

Noise reduction

Reduce noise and vibration with our (NVH) lead screws. Utilising polymer nuts combined with the lead screw technology; noise is reduced compared to metal on metal, where grease is often the only dampener.

In applications such as a seat adjustment, squeaking is the last thing you want to hear. With lubrication-free products, noise is never a problem.

front car actuators

Corrosion resistance

igus® lead screws in active aero surfaces are designed to be corrosion- resistant with fast deployment under dynamic load. Tested and proven in arduous conditions. Being corrosion- resistant ensures that the wear is limited with no contamination. This is vital in car exteriors. Anything that moves automatically, must be getting the power from somewhere.

lead screw drives

High efficiency

Guaranteed efficiencies of up to 82% and a service life that is up to 30% longer than conventional lead screw drives. A quiet and smooth adjustment with igus® lead screws in centre consoles is cleaner, more reliable and can reduce time spent on design.

 Find further information on igus® lead screws here.

Automating actions and mechanisms to streamline movement, to gain the maximum efficiency possible, is becoming extremely important. Linear actuators offer endless opportunities to accomplish this. They have become essential within the design, and more commonly in recent times, is the electrification of interior mechanisms, automating all  the essential functions, and providing many possibilities of improvement and innovation. When designing vehicles, it is essential that the right actuator is chosen.  Having the option of products that are efficient, quiet, lubrication-free and corrosion-free, you are already creating a finished article that is lighter, more cost-effective and reliable.

Our Automotive and Aerospace specialists are here to save time and money and will help you and your application with either our standard range of products or bespoke items. With the expertise we have in these industries, we are confident that we can do what we say, either save you time or money.  

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