The adaptability of the PRT-04

Who knew that something so small could be so versatile!

Recently, the PRT-04 was introduced in an earlier blog and the response to this small but mighty product has been warmly received! This compact slewing ring has so many ways of being utilised within applications thanks to its varying design range, so it is no surprise that igus® have developed the product further with new features. The standard PRT-04 was initially designed for small installation spaces. It is 60% lighter and 50% more space saving than its predecessor, it is also over 30% more cost-effective. Despite the reduction in size, this doesn’t diminish the capabilities of the slewing ring and to increase its versatility, the PRT comes with some features.

Here some of the variations are explained:

PRT-04 with internal gearing

When installation space is limited these are perfect, allowing the drive to come from the inside. Enabling the application to be driven internally saves so much space externally. We can also 3D print the gears in special igus® I3 or I6 material, providing the perfect combination. This cost-effective slewing ring will be one to watch grow and evolve even further.  

PRT-04 with angle stop

Having an angle limit allows the PRT-04’s pivoting range to be adjusted and securely locked at a specific angle for the application. The angle adjusters have a precision of 2°.  This accessory is already being successfully used with the original series of PRT’s, the PRT-01, and will be a great addition for the more compact range.

PRT-04 with locking mechanism or stop motion

This version of the slewing ring is a click-into-place design. This allows a defined stop over 90° and can only be used on the 04 version of the PRT range. We’re already working with some companies on other angles and can offer that service to you with no minimum order quantity.

Conductive PRT-04

This version of the PRT-04 is completely produced in stainless steel. This allows the slewing ring to be conductive and prevents electrostatic charging. This is perfect for applications such as laboratories. The body of the PRT is stainless steel; however, the polymer sliding elements are produced in iglidur® F, the best ESD polymer material. These come in sizes from 50mm diameter to 300mm diameter, but I’m sure other sizes will be produced upon request.

These are very new products that have been released just a few weeks ago, so if you think you have an application that might be suited to utilise a PRT-04 version, please get in touch and we can visit virtually or physically to help you incorporate this compact slewing ring into your design.

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