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For igus® to be able to guarantee the life of its products, it is vital that testing is at the forefront of every step that is taken before products are released and continued once in production. igus® has an extensive test laboratory in Cologne which covers over 3,800m². Every product is tested! Every standard igus® catalogue part and every customer custom part that is produced within igus®.

Unlike some companies, when it comes to testing, igus® don’t stop. Even after the products have been developed, we continue testing.

Some key test facts:

  • In the dry-tech® test laboratory 135 trillion test movements are operated and recorded every year!
  • igus® have designed, developed and released over 40 free on-line tools, which range from product configurators, service-life calculators and material application tools.
  • Up to 1.4 million electrical measurements tested in the cable laboratory.
  • Every year, 4100 tests are carried out on e-chains® spread over 60 machines.

We have various areas within the test laboratory for all product groups, each copiously testing for wear, establishing material boundaries and developing current materials into new versions. igus® also has testing for specific environments such as the cold chamber.

What is a cold chamber and why do we test in it?

The cold chamber is a set environment that is designed to test energy chains and cables under real circumstances for extreme climate conditions. igus® has installed this climatic chamber, where simulated temperatures range from -40°C to +60°. It is essential to gain an understanding of if and how cold temperatures impact each individual product and learn how the igus® materials cope. The testing is vital in order to be able to establish durability, wear rate, how products are affected in areas such as bend radii in energy chains, all at extreme temperatures.  However, igus® believes that it is the test in continuous motion that shows the maximum load capacity of an energy supply and whether it is suitable for the intended application. That is the only way that reliable statements regarding the use of igus® components can be used.

An example of why we test in these conditions:

At igus® a cable only passes the test if it shows no jacket damage after thorough testing at particular parameters. Temperature and bending load are significant technical data but only when the combination of both elements and the running operation are compared.

The extensive testing has allowed igus® to have an unlimited insight into every element of their materials, every fibre combination, gaining knowledge on parameters, limits and to understand where developments can be made to increase longevity of products.

Test data: what do we do with it?

As already mentioned, tests do not stop, even after development. It is essential for further developments of igus® materials and products to have continuous testing. This allows igus® to improve and develop further, ensuring that the best is always produced. It is not only igus® materials and products that are subject to this extensive testingigus® customers can take advantage of being able to access the laboratory, the tests, the results and the materials technology that has been produced over the years.

igus® offers numerous tools, free of charge, to help you to choose and buy the right products:

Test results leads to confidence, confidence in products, materials and suppliers. As a customer, being secure in the products that are being designed into a build or application is priceless. Having the ability to evaluate evidence ensures that as the customer you are able to make the best decision for your applications.

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