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Exchange liner transcript

Hello, I’m Rob Dumayne from igus® UK. I’m the Director of the dry-tech® product group, and I just wanted to show you our drylin® W exchange sample box.

So, here we have the box and inside we have the instruction book that has really nice, clear instructions on how to change the liner using the tools provided. All nicely laid out, so you can see what you get.

So a quick demonstration:

Imagine this bearing on your machine and you can’t take it off the rail. We simply use the tool here, the screwdriver, to slot out the backing plate. Very simply pull that out. And then we take the other tool and push the liner out from the bearing itself. That makes it really simple to get the liner out. Take a new liner, pop that onto the rail and clip into place. Slide the new liner back into the carriage using the tool to slide it into place. And then simply fit the backing plate and away we go. Back on and up and running in under 30 seconds.

If you would like one of these let us know and we will get one out to you, so you can have a play with it.


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