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Coloured energy chains


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Coloured Energy chain Transcript

“Hi I’m Justin Leonard from igus UK, and I want to tell you something about our energy chains that you will find useful. So, hopefully you are aware that igus make energy chains that are used for carrying cables and hoses, giving physical protection, guidance inside a minimum bend radius and they move within machinery. 

 What maybe you don’t know, is that we can also make these chains in colour. 

 I have got some examples here, we have one here that is a silver-grey colour, which is a custom colour. We have chains in white, pure white  which might be needed in a medical environment. We have magnolia for something that will be used inside a building or a house, and here’s an interesting one, we can even mould the chain in yellow. Some customers actually use the chains where they use every other link in yellow and every other link in black which acts as a visual warning for something that’s moving. 

We have a standard range of colours, black is the normal standard that you will receive if you order as default. We can do white and yellow, and also some primary colours. Indeed, if you have a special colour, a custom colour which you have for corporate use, or something to do with how you brand your machine, or some other use. 

all we need is a RAL number, and we can match closely to that colour with our injection moulding. There is a small cost for doing that, which is dependent on the batch sizes, and it takes a little longer to produce. But is a pretty   straight forward process and you get something which matches your machine to look exactly the way you want it to.  If you would like some more information my contact details will be at the end of this video, by all means give me a call and I will help you with whatever you need, thank you.”


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