What is the delta robot price? Will it cost a fortune?

When you are looking for delta robot prices, you ask, “will it cost a fortune?”

The world of robotics increases every second. Bigger, better and more precise robots are released into our world, and we collaborate with them without a second thought. It is simply the way the world is evolving.

If you deconstruct a delta robot and look at the components used to build it, they are relatively simple. They can also be relatively low cost! Well, that is when you consider the igus® delta robot!

delta robot price

How has igus® made the delta robot price affordable?

As with all igus® products, the delta robot is:

  • Lubrication-free,
  • available as a self-assembly modular kit,
  • many parts are made from aluminium or plastic,
  • It uses many igus® standard products
  • We have a small version with a working envelope of 330mm and large version with a 660mm envelope

Utilising standard products has enabled us to produce the delta robot price at a cost-effective £5,000, as opposed to £20,000, which many other deltas retail at.  

Is it robust enough for tough environments?

low cost delta robot

Being a low-cost delta takes nothing away from its ability to cope with what the expensive robots can!

We recently did an event with the delta robot in an agricultural environment. You can read about that blog here

Even though they are made using igus® polymer bearings, these low-cost delta robots are even more ideal for applications where the surroundings are dirty or dusty. igus® products are lubrication-free so the dirt doesn’t stick to them.

How can a low-cost delta robot help the environment?

There is also the environmental element of not using lubrication. The more expensive metal robots will require regular maintenance, lubrication and will hit your wallet harder than if you invested in the low-cost, no-lubrication version, the igus® delta robot!

The polymer components can be recycled and re-granulated if you ever need to replace them. Which again goes towards helping the carbon footprint.

Back to the question, “Do you need to spend a fortune on a delta robot?”  Obviously, this will depend on the application. However, for applications where it needs to perform repetitive, low-skill duties, then this modular pick & place robot is the one for you. So, the answer really is no, you do not need to spend a fortune on a delta robot.

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