Which is the right robot dresspack for your robot?

When you think of igus® your first thought is probably not robots. So, did you know that igus® has developed multiple products that work hand in hand with industrial robots? Our robot dresspacks.

Robots in 2020 usually looks something like the image below and you probably have seen them in lots of different factories and warehouses. They are evolving quicker than any other manufacturing tool and making production processes easier and faster.

Robot with Triflex

There is however still sometimes a misconception around igus® and robots, how we are involved with robots. So, to clarify, we do not build robots like the above, but we do dress them with robot dresspacks which, in layman’s terms is cable management for the robot.

Robots are commonly used in multiple industries, the top ones being Automotive, Material Handling, Packaging and Welding, some large industries that can’t afford downtime. This is where igus® excels.

Unique benefits of using the igus® robot dresspacks

  • We offer cable management solutions for axis 1-6 & 7 for the following robot manufacturers, (which covers the majority of manufactures);
  • ABB
  • Comau
  • Yaskawa
  • Fanuc
  • Kuka

Easy assembly

The main product used as part of the robot dresspacks is our product Triflex R®. This is a completely modular system and it gives the customer the ability to integrate parts in and out of the application, without having to remove the whole system. You can remove links individually to add or remove cables or you can press the cables in and can remove in the same fashion. Obviously, you can pull cables through from the end like a traditional system but due to the flexible design of the Triflex R®, you have options to manipulate the input and removal of cables whilst on the production line.

igus® strives to create systems and products which are about creating easy installation and easy removal, with minimal disruption to restrict downtime. Most competitors systems are unable to do this.

Triflex R

Easy installation

We couldn’t make it easier. We can visit your site and fully install the system for you! We can also offer a completely harnessed option called Plug and Play. A system which includes all the relevant cables and connectors, all suited to your specification, which arrives on-site ready to be installed. This saves time and the headache of someone having to add cables and connectors.  

Cable lashing is a thing of the past

You don’t have to do any cable lashing to the outside of the conduit. Industries like car plants, can’t afford for cables to fail, it simply costs too much money to have the production line down. You don’t have to worry about this with the triflex R® system. As mentioned previously, the cables are easily fed in and removed from an igus® system without the requirement of disconnecting the system or your connectors. The igus® systems can also be retrofitted around your current systems without the need for disconnection.

Large variety, endless possibilities

We offer 9 different sizes of Triflex R® in TRE & TRC, giving a large range to suit most robots. We also have 5 different retraction systems. This allows us to offer various solutions, enabling your cables and airlines to be torsionally protected in a defined radius and in a controlled manner.

Configure your system

Robot Configurator

In true igus® fashion, we want the customer to be in control and have all the tools they need to identify the relevant product for their application.  We have designed a robot configurator called the Quick Robot by selecting the manufacturer and model number you can configure an appropriate system solution.

So, you have to ask yourself 3 easy questions. Do you want an easily installed system? Do you want to prevent downtime? Do you want on-site support as well as a solution? Then the answer is simple, speak to igus® and get your robot dresspack!

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