igus® offshore: oil & gas

Although many igus® products exist in local and land-based applications, we have an enormous presence in offshore business and development too. Our strong polymer products are able to support huge systems in the oil and gas industry where strength, endurance and reliability are key factors when selecting a supplier.

The igus® bearings and igus® energy chain systems each feature in numerous offshore applications. This is because our products all possess special, durable properties so that they can withstand the harsh environments that frequent offshore duties. The reliable nature of our products ensure that safety is maintained, while highly dynamic tasks are performed across power plants and oil rigs.

Solutions out of issues

The igus® e-loop is our alternative to the old-fashioned service loops often used in construction, offshore, rigs, wind turbines and other shore power applications. With its modular makeup, the e-loop® is ideal for opening and closing whenever necessary; it is also entirely replaceable as individual components if the application requires. Replacing the conveyed hoses or cables is simple, whereas a traditional service loop only allows for whole replacement of the service loop. In this way, the e-loop® keeps costs and time down while maintaining reliability and safety in your system.

As a market leader in energy chain (drag chain) technology and DNV- and GL-certified flexing cables, igus® can ensure the application is completed safely and securely. Versus traditional steel chains, our e-chains® are completely maintenance-free, corrosion resistant and cost effective. At igus®, we offer offshore surveys, full installation and installation supervision on all of our equipment; we can even survey existing steel chains with a view to replacing them with a like-for-like igus® e-chain®.

Everywhere you go

As shown above, igus® looks after multiple applications offshore and in many different extreme conditions.

Offshore cranes

For cranes, igus® can provide safe and durable energy chains for multiple different types of cranes, including: gantry, sheerleg, knuckle boom, heavy-duty and leg encircling (LEC). We can also specify energy chains for custom projects and applications. Find out more here.

Offshore terminals

For solutions on vessels and offshore terminals, igus® supplies e-spool® shore power and e-chain® dispensers for such harsh and unpredictable environments as those found on terminals and ships.

e-spool® shore power is the slipring-free system that ensures low-maintenance and inspection-friendly cable management for power supply on to vessels or terminals while at berth. Exclusive of needing a rotary transmitter, the e-spool® can work directly from control cabinet to connector without a cabling interruption. Suitable for a variety of cables and under different conditions, this system can work without being vulnerable to seawater, heat, cold or vibrations.

Offshore vessels

e-chain® dispensers are an effective way of providing safe cable management to more than 10 metres in length that can be electrically driven for arm movement and energy chain deployment. The monitored bend radius ensures tension is not overworked, thus protecting the cables against damage. In addition, the system is totally enclosed to maintain safe working without the effect of weather, wind and other harsh conditions. This all adds up to ensure a longer service life and higher reliability than alternative solutions.

igus® truly is and continues to become, more offshore than ever before – if you have an application on vessels, terminals or anything offshore, we can come and spec up the application for you.

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