Low bending makes the difference

The bend radius is an essential topic in the production and use of various cables. Low bending makes the difference. In today’s post, we cover exactly what this is about.

Cable requirements

Machines are becoming ever more compact and the available installation space is correspondingly smaller. What does this mean for the use of igus® e-chain® and cables?

We offer our chainflex® cables with the smallest possible bending radii without sacrificing the tried and tested and necessary features, resilience and durability. Low bending is the keyword for the optimal combination of these cable properties.

New chainflex® cables in the low bending variant

It is important to offer the right mechanically designed cable with the same electrical properties throughout. Our low bending (LB) concept enables, for example, bending radii of down to 7.5xd or for temperatures down to -35°Cfor the CFBUS.LB bus cable series. The CFBUS.LB.060 Profinet cable is a new addition to the range. There are also LB variants for control or motor cables, fibre optic and servo cables, down to bending factors a small as 4xd!

Save space down to the smallest detail

Why are small bending radii so important? More modern machines are being designed to have much smaller space envelopes. This reduces floor space requirements for production, reduces the weight, saves on material costs and so on. However, these machines are also becoming more intelligent and more demanding. Reducing the bend radii of cables is essential so that both of these targets can be achieved safely and reliably!

Smallest bending radii despite the highest bending stress is mandatory criteria for our chainflex® cables and we have a range of products designed to meet our customers needs.

The durability of the cables is equally as important as having a small bending radius. Who likes to pay additional costs due to unnecessary wear and tear?

That is why igus® offers a 36-month guarantee worldwide, which corresponds to approximately 10 million strokes. Made possible by our over 3,800m² test laboratory – the largest for testing cables specifically for use in the e-chain®.

If you would like to trial our cables in your application, please request your cable sample today or contact us directly for further support. 

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