How to make machine guard doors move with ease

When you think of large machine guard doors you might imagine the dirt, the dust & swarf, the noise. However, there are products designed for these large industrial machines which can help prevent noise, reduce friction and are resistant to dirt.

So how can you reduce these issues? Lubrication? Fortunately, there are products available which not only eliminate the issues but can do so without the addition of lubrication. For more information on other igus® products which do not require lubrication please read this blog

sliding machine guard doors with ease

Interrupted sliding on machine guard doors

Traditionally, industrial machine guard doors tend to have conventional metal ball bearing systems or steel rollers. This can be problematic with seizing, stiffness, noise and juddering movement.  The main function of a machine guard door is to open and close in a single smooth movement. The doors are there to protect the operator and if they are not easy to open and close, this can cause issues.

This is when using the new igus® hybrid roller bearings becomes extremely beneficial.  These unique bearings combine lubrication-free plain bearings with specially designed maintenance-free rollers. The technology lends itself to applications such as machine guard doors and moveable control panels, thanks to its smooth consistent operation which requires no grease or lubrication of any kind. Using igus® hybrid rollers also means low friction and with the combination of sliding liners and rollers, ensures that the load is absorbed evenly, creating a smooth gliding motion.

How does the technology work?

machine guard doors

The sliding element of the hybrid bearings enables a silent consistent movement, and combined with the integrated rollers, these bearings have low inertia and therefore low driving force and can absorb lateral forces where required.

The hybrid carriage with specially designed profile rollers combined with iglidur® polymer liners, infuses the two technologies together creating a silent smooth-running, load bearing product.

The additional liners installed in the carriage give the hybrid roller bearings a constant stable feel, weight is transmitted to the shaft more evenly. This extends the service life of shaft and rollers and allows greater maximum loads.

Other areas where these hybrid bearings can work

Designed for applications such as industrial machine guard doors, this doesn’t restrict them to just large commercial applications. They can be used for domestic applications too, such as shower doors. These bearings help misalignment which can be problematic for smaller doors, however, due to the dry-running element of all igus® bearings, these are ideal for domestic use as well as commercial and industrial use.

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