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Young Engineer Support programme

For a long time at igus® we have supported the development of up-and-coming members of our team. An initiative to support these students and their education facilities saw the birth of the YES programme. Given the researching, development, and experienced nature of igus®, we decided that helping to scaffold the future of engineering would be a beneficial plan. With almost 4,000 employees worldwide across 80 countries, we are proud to support student projects with free samples, sponsorship and consultations with our experts.

What’s on offer?

Sponsorship of students and project teams

If you require resources for a particular project or design, igus® will supply polymer parts from the extensive product catalogue. If you are interested in receiving sponsorship from igus®, this is what you can expect:

From you

  • A detailed project plan identifying and describing the tasks, potential issues, and your proposed solutions
  • Information about the progress of your project
  • Assessment of the required products and level of financing you require

From us

If we accept your submission, you can expect full support from us:

  • Professional conduct towards you and your project: friendly, efficient and supportive
  •  You will be assigned a project manager for support and advice throughout the project
  • Free samples or student-friendly discounts on our pricier products

When sponsored by igus®

We expect you to fully inform us of your progress and send us a report of the completed project. This is to be used on our website to not only showcase our products in action but also to promote your project. You will even be able to enter for the annual vector awards or manus awards, which could win you up to €5000 for using igus® products in an innovative application.

Support with FREE samples

Stretching across every industry, igus® can supply parts as small as a single bearing up to larger parts such as cables, energy chains, and linear bearings. Samples can be supplied as complete sample boxes or just as individual sample products – according to your project requirements.

Tour of the igus® factory in Cologne, Germany

We welcome you and your teams to visit the factory at our headquarters in Germany. On the tour, you will be able to see the many tests carried out in our 3,800m²-large test laboratory; here, you can see the different product areas, from energy supply systems to bearing technologies. More specialist areas can be visited upon request.

It is quick and easy to request a visit, simply click here.

Guest lectures

The experts from igus® are happy to advise students and lecturers, with visits to our factory and live presentations at your company or institute. We can provide insight into the style of projects and applications that industries deal with nowadays, as well as expert support for your projects.

Development and career support

In addition to news and information about past and current YES projects in universities and colleges across the world, we can send you catalogues and career insights for prospective igus® employees. igus® is eager to guide and train young professionals so they can pursue a rewarding and interesting career at our fast-growing company.

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