Our speedy day in London at Give me 5

Yesterday was rather an early start for us (numerous cups of coffee got us through though) as we attended Give me 5 which was held at W Hotel in London.


Give me 5 is a speed-press briefing event, which operates rather like ‘speed dating’, allowing a company spokesperson to brief 10-12 journalists in a quick 5 minute succession.

There are set rules to the event which are as follows:

1. Each briefing lasts for five minutes.

2. When you hear the bell conclude your discussion.

3. Journalists to move in a clockwise direction.

4. Once all journalists have been briefed by all the representatives the process stops.

5. Further discussions can be had during lunch.


The briefings got off to a good start with Rob Dumayne (igus dry-tech director) discussing igus’ new revolutionary ‘drylin W carbon fibre linear guide’ constructed entirely of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced plastic) and Justin Leonard (igus’ e-chain director) discussing the new product ‘e-skin’ – the new lightweight, versatile alternative to conventional corrugated tubes.

Overall we had a great day at the Give me 5 event and we got the opportunity to talk to a number of journalists on our latest product innovations.

Below are some images we took from the event.


SPE Offshore Europe 2015

A team from igus UK made their way up to Aberdeen for SPE Offshore 2015.

Offshore Europe 2015 conference and exhibition from the Society of Petroleum Engineers attracts a global audience of engineers, technical specialists, industry leaders and experts to share ideas and opinions on the current issues in the upstream oil and gas industry. With over 63,000 people in attendance and over 1500 exhibitors it was was the largest Offshore Europe to date.

Overall Offshore was a success for igus UK with many visitors to the stand benefiting from talking to our product specialists.

Here are some pics from our time at the exhibition…



‘Porton Man’ – the robot


Porton Man is a robot that is used to test protective clothing for the British military.

The makers of Porton Man used iglidur X plain bearings in all the robots joints; and this was for a very good reason…

Because Porton Man is used to test protective clothing against chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear substances, conventional ball bearings would fail quickly when faced with chemical agents such as mustard gas or sarin. However the high performance bearings of the X series wouldn’t due to the fact that they are completely resilient to chemicals and wear proof in temperature ranges of -100 to +250°C.

‘Porton Man’ was built by Crawley Creatures in Buckinghamshire.

igus® helps Formula Student racing team feed its need for speed

UH Racing is the UK’s most successful formula student team of all time. Founded in 1997, the team consists of 30 undergraduate students from the School of Engineering and Technology and they develop a new vehicle each year. A team of students from the Univeristy of Hertfordhsire were asked to make this years UH Racing car much lighter in weight than previous years.

igus, one of the teams sponsors, was more than happy to help with this, explaining the features and benefits of using complex polymer and ultralight metal components  in place of the more traditional steel ones.

igus® helps Formula Student racing team feed its need for speed


Application Review- KUKA

On visiting KUKA Roboter GmbH we were in the presence of a true pioneer in the field of robot and automation technology. The Augsburg-based company developed the FAMULUS, its first industrial robot with six electromechanically-driven axes back in 1973. In 1996, they then played a role in bringing in the era of real mechatronics with a PC-based control system. Today, KUKA Roboter produces and sells automated production solutions for the automotive, medical and solar industry as well as aviation, aerospace and machine tool sectors to name a few.

The robot can cover a larger working area thanks to the linear axis

For many years, the KUKA developers have entrusted igus® chains with the cables for their linear axes. The fact that these are highly robust and reliable, is however not what tipped the scales in their favour. Instead, Hans Brix, linear axis developer, says that it is the exceptionally long unsupported length of the igus® chains, which allows the greatest possible extent of movement by the robots.

KUKA has now laid the chain with the cables on the support structure for the first time. As a result, the trough system is no longer required and the design is far more compact, automatically saving several square metres of space.

A comparison of two systems: in the image on the left, the cables run in an external guide trough. On the right, the e-chain® has been placed on the robot’s support structure. This saves space and reduces costs

igus® generally fills its e-chains® with the cables desired by the customers and then supplies them as complete units that can be simply and quickly installed on site. To date, KUKA has always used a middle-ground option and filled the chains with its own cables. This too is possible if desired by the igus® customer.

KUKA employees and the “iglidur® on tour” team agree: igus® e-chains® last; igus® scarves provide lasting warmth

We would like to thank all the KUKA Roboter GmbH employees that we met for their friendly reception and, in particular, Hans Brix for giving us an interview.

Best regards,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour” team


From Manresa, we travelled to the south coast of Spain to Marbella. On the way, we visited some customers and due to the long distance, we were always on the road until we arrived at our hotel. The next day was a bit more relaxing but we had to drive to Portugal. First of all, we stopped at the beach in Marbella in the morning to take a few photos and to go swimming.

Close to Marbella beach

Sandor and me took our shoes off to test the temperature of the sea. However, Nils was not afraid of the cold and went for a swim. Due to the 30°C, it was nice to have some time to relax.

Facing the sun

Nevertheless, we had to go on. We drove to Seville and visited the cathedral which is the third-largest church in the world and an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Seville Cathedral

After some Tapas in a local restaurant, we continued our long journey towards Lagoas in the south of Portugal.

We say “Goodbye” to Spain but for just one week.

After 2028 km we arrived in Portugal. We thank igus® Spain for the first part through this interesting country and we will see each other in one week again.

The area in the south of Portugal is called the “Algarve”

Welcome to Portugal!

Across Lowa

From Minneapolis, the car headed south to Iowa a state very much known for their corn. Lowa is often referred to as “America’s Heartland,” and borders the Mississippi River.


In the 2nd half of the 20th century, Iowa’s agricultural economy expanded into a wide range of manufacturing, processing and financial industries, and anywhere with a large range of industries is a great place for igus to be!

We had time to stop at a few of our Iowan customers, such as one manufacturer of packaging equipment that uses igus’s DryLin R linear bearings and iglide j plain bearings in their machinery.

Used in many areas of packaging, including food and drug production plants, igus products are extraordinarily safe and long-lasting, as they are not affected by crumbs, sugar, or other material in these types of facilities. igus products also are not reliant on grease, and with no grease, there is no threat of contamination from bearings!

While in Iowa, the car took a drive to the Original Field of Dreams, a baseball field and pop-culture tourist attraction, featured in the movie “Field of Dreams.” Upon pulling in the long dirt driveway, the car was greeted by the farm’s owner Don Lansing.


With his Field of Dreams baseball cap on, Mr. Lansing told the story of the day Hollywood knocked on his door 25 years ago, interested in filming a movie on his land. After the movie came out, people from all over flocked to his field, making their way from as far as Eastern Europe and Japan to walk on this beloved field.



Before passing through Iowa, a stop at the Mississippi River was in order. The chief drainage system for the entire United States, the Mississippi flows for 2,340 miles across the country, making it the 4th longest river in the world.


Next stop from Iowa is north to Milwaukee!

Thanks for reading,


Handing Over The Torch

As we now know, Sascha will no longer be continuing the iglidur on tour journey. So here we get to know the new driver a little better:

Hi, I am Kayla and I will be your guide for the North American part of the tour.
I am 22 years old from Rhode Island and a recent graduate of Iona College where I received a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and a degree in Fine Arts.

Handing Over The Torch

I can most always be found holding a camera and a notebook. It is no surprise when I was asked to be a part of the iglidur World Tour that I said yes before the question was even finished. I am an avid traveler and travel whenever I get the opportunity. Some recent places I have been include Paris, Germany (cologne), Mexico, Switzerland, Maine U.S., Barcelona, Brussels, London and now Alaska, of where I tend to bring back many souvenirs from my travels and find myself with a forever increasing collection.

Handing Over The Torch.2

Through this trip I plan on making our journey come to life for people who are following our tour. Look for me on the road!

Yours, Kayla.