10 July 2020 Erin Kemal
A large threat to ocean life is plastic waste, which humans are solely responsible for putting there. As a plastics company, igus® has a responsibility in ensuring that suitable investment is made into the issues surrounding environmental policies. Worldwide, igus® has already addressed and accomplished many environmental concerns but, as a reusable plastics company, the products and the manufacturing processes that are implemented are greener than many of the alternative options.  It is also important to remember that igus® does not manufacture single use plastics, the engineering components made by igus® are used for thousands or millions of times and are all 100% recyclable. But more can be done. igus® support...
10 July 2020 Erin Kemal
It may not seem like an obvious comparison; a beam and an energy chain but fundamentally they are one of the same. Read all about why the two are compared and where the common ground lies.
3 July 2020 Erin Kemal
Ensuring the cables supplying energy in the energy chain systems in paramount. This is where the Microflizz system is ideal. This fully encased system protects the cables and gives them a longer service life.
3 July 2020 Vanessa Whiteley
Long travel distances place high demands on the cable used and its durability. In today's post, we cover what these are and how we can find out whether our management meets these requirements. Durability, line structure, inner composition, and sui...