Video of the Week – igus readychain is ready to go


our energy chain is always delivered in less than 10 days and ready to install

readychain is a comprehensive energy chain solution designed to help machinery and plants – from an access platform to a crane – reduce down times and thus costs.

readychains are the complete energy supply ready to install and comprise energy chains completely assembled with cables, hoses and connectors as well as custom metal work and fittings. Transport racks, installation and maintenance support are also available on request.

We deliver to the customer in around 10 days, readychain is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers. With no storage of cables, connectors and associated extra parts needed, storage costs are reduced to zero.

In order to ensure speed, every readychain system is carefully tested in our laboratories before delivery and certified according to ISO 9001.

See here for more information:

Video of the Week – igus readychain is ready to go

iglidur on tour adventures continued: Pune to Bagalore (4000Km)

iglidur driver himself, Sascha, continues to give us his hands-on insight into the all around the world tour:

The Indian igus office is based in Bangalore, which is where we are now. We took a direct route from Pune to Bangalore which was, by the way, the longest we had so far. All in all it took us about 17 hours.

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and with about 8,4 million inhabitants, the third largest city (following Delhi and Bombay). Furthermore, it is the Silicon Valley of India. Although, it is further south, it is not as hot as Pune (nevertheless, still 30 degrees and sufficient for a painful sunburn).
As the following day was a Saturday, we kept it a bit slower with customer visits and made only five in total. One of the customers was Dynaspede.

They manufacture electro-mechanical components and machines for a wide spectrum of industries. You tell them what machine you want and they build it for you. We had the chance to get an insight view in an engine-testing machine, which is designed for a leading Indian car manufacturer, analysing the performance of engines.

They need to fix and move the engine. For this they put the engine on four shafts that are embedded in bearings.
Originally, they made use of THK bearings (Japanese company). At this time, they were facing many problems with scoring marks. Scoring marks are scratch marks on the shaft that are owed to movements. They occur when the friction between shaft and bearing is too high. To diminish this problem, they always had to lubricate as well as to use a hardened shaft. Eventually, they tried our Drylin® R FJUM-01-30 Flange housing instead, take a look at the igus flange housing for yourself:

We supplied them directly with shafts and bearings at the same time. This not only decreased their number of vendors and therefore their administrative work, but also helps save money. As our products are self-lubricating and maintenance free, they solved their problem of the scoring marks. Thus, they have been using Drylin® R for years. They got rid of annoying work besides the actual work and could save costs. Nowadays, they don’t need to pay for the hardening of the shaft and for lubricating any more.

Inside the testing rid the engine is lifted and fixed both vertically and horizontally. There we have supplied jsm-6065-50 and jsm-20-23-20 for servo actuator and ejector pin respectively (horizontally). Inside the testing station is a shaft that they put on the gears-shift lever of the engine. The shaft is then moving the shift. Through this they are enabled to measure the performance. This shaft is guided by iglidur® J, which is characterized by a low wear with shaft materials and a low coefficient of friction.

We could also see our e-chains®. They are used for guidance and protection for moving cables. Most of their machines are already equipped with them.

The last days were entirely under the banner of driving and customer visits. We made at least another 1000km and visited about 25-30 of our beloved customers. Yesterday, I checked how many kilometers we have covered so far. About 4000! And there will be about 700km more as we are heading tomorrow towards Chennai, the other automobile hub of India.
Thus, I kind of cannot present you incredible adventure trips. No beach, no jungle, no desert etc. Just highways that were in a very good shape. I even cannot tell so much about Bangalore, just that at first glance, it seems to be a very modern and nice city.

Next time I will tell you more about the tour again. We’ll have some time in Chennai to discover a bit of the city, the culture itself and to visit some nice places.

As always I will keep you guys up to date,

Yours, Sascha

For more information, go onto the igus website:

Cables, Standard vs Dynamic…is there really any competition?

igus’ chainflex product manager, James Harrison, tells us why choosing cables for dynamic applications is so crucial

As technology advances rapidly, more and more machines need moving power and data supplies. The process of selecting cables for these dynamic applications, where cables may have to move in a range of repeated strenuous motions, is definitely one that needs consideration.

The simple construction of standard cables is unsuitable because the cable may fails due to the few, yet large, conductor strands bending at a small radius and breaking. Another common problem in standard cables is the “corkscrew” effect primarily due to the compression of inner cores and the cores untwisting because of a loose fitting jacket with poor grip.

So how can you solve these problems?

Simple; purchase a chainflex cable specifically developed for dynamic applications!

Cables, Standard vs Dynamic…is there really any competitionFinely stranded copper cores, that are optimised for maximum flexibility, reduce the risk of work hardening and core fractures and even give large core high-current motor cables the flexibility required for dynamic operation. Cores are twisted with a shorter pitch and in multi-core cables the cores are braided and bundled wherever possible.  This results in the path of the core being from the outside of the cable to the inside and back over a very short optimised distance. Compressive and tensile stresses therefore cancel each other out reducing the overall level of stress and wear.

Of course, the outer jacket is greatly relied upon as a means of preventing the core from twisting, a good dynamic cable has a pressure-filled jacket rather than plain extruded!  Where EMC shielding is required a braided shield will be seen in quality dynamic cables preventing gaps opening via a shallow braid angle.

“We’re so confident about the quality of our chainflex cables, we will even guarantee a minimum number of cycles in an energy-chain. A true reflection of our chainflex guarantee program!” Enthused James Harrison.

James’ top 10 tips when choosing your cable:

  1. Make sure that the bend radius is dynamic, opposed to static. You don’t want to waste your time or money!
  2. The cable needs to be suitable for the bend radius of YOUR energy chain.
  3. Ensure that the cable is rated for the appropriate number of cycles. How can you find this out? Click onto the igus chainflex Lifetime calculator tool to see:
  4. Know your travel length. The longer the travel, the higher the grade of cable required.
  5. Be clear on the applications speed and acceleration. This ones simple:                                                         The faster the speed/acceleration = More strain = Better quality of cable required.
  6. Have the working environment clear in your head. Exposure to factors such as dirt, oil and chemicals are all elements that the outer jacket needs to suit.
  7. Ensure cables are suitably laid in the energy chain upon installation.
  8. Check there is sufficient clearance and space between cables using appropriate interior separation where necessary.
  9. Appropriate strain relief is essential; this can be achieved simply via tie-wrap plates or for more demanding applications use igus CFX saddle clamps.
  10. Finally, order from a reputable supplier!

Daman- Bombay- Pune

Sascha continues to give us his fantastic insight into ‘iglidur on tour’:

From customer to customer, from the desert near Puskar to the seashore at Daman. We have already covered about 1700km from north to south. It seems that every 100km I do, the food is changing and it is becoming quite common for me to not know what I am actually eating (I don’t really mind thou as long as everyone else is having it and it tastes good…. Which believe me it does!!) There is such a huge variety of food which means that every day I’m trying something new (at least this is my impression). Along with the food, language changes every few hundred kilometres are also obvious. Even my colleague from Delhi is not able to understand the locals a few hundred kilometres further south. As we made our way south the fauna and climate too clearly changed. Firstly, “dryer” (makes sense, as we were getting closer to the desert) and then it turned tropical. Palms were spreading out of the ground and the entire environment turned green.

Daman- Bombay- Pune

Daman- Bombay- Pune.2

As I write this, I am on the way to visit a customer in Pune. Pune is the automotive hub of India as well as one of the main educational centres. The University of Pune has the second largest number of colleges in India, 811 in total! YES 811! (times of India). If you trust Wikipedia then we are talking about almost 500.000 students. In comparison, entire Germany has about approximately 2.500.000 students (2012/2013)! Pune is in particularly famous for engineering, which is going hand in hand with that major automobile manufacturer such as Mercedes, Tata, VW etc. who have plants here (by the way, I will recommend Mercedes to launch our car model in India. So many people asked us about the price of the car and that they would like to buy it. I have the impression that we are kind of trend setters. Soon everyone will have a small, orange car.)

Ok, now to my last days. Let me show you again one customer who was also part of our Ahmedabad route. The company is called PWS. They have been existing for 100 years. With about 100 employees they are a mid size company. Nevertheless, they are leading the Indian market in the manufacturing of ice/cup filling machines. Once you leave Ahmedabad and take a road to the outskirts of the city you can find them next to a five star wellness resort. At the first glance you wouldn’t expect to find out that they are a high-tech company due to the first impressions of the factory being a bit old and run-down.

Daman- Bombay- Pune.3

Daman- Bombay- Pune.4

As they are working in the nutrition industry they require products that are corrosion free. Of course, in this industry, machines need to be cleaned regularly. Thus, they need products that are furthermore resistant to washing chemicals.
We are supplying them with jum liner in steel housing that are used for linear applications. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then check the following page where you can information on igus linear bearings:

Our jum liners have fulfilled the requirements of being corrosion free and resistant to chemicals. Moreover, they have additional advantages as they are easy to assemble and maintenance free so completely suit the needs of this customers application:

Mr. Nishit, director of PWS, gives us an insite into his experience of using igus parts:

In our case the jum liners enable the smooth up and down motion for putting lids on cups.

Daman- Bombay- Pune.5

From Ahmedabad we took a highway to Daman. In total, it was just about 400km but it took ages. We were stuck in traffic which resulted in us arriving a lot later than initially anticipated at the sea. For me it was a big step on our tour. It kind of marked that we made the half way point as the further route leads us again away from the coast. The next day was a Sunday.  Thus, no customers, which means that we could spend some time making videos and pictures with iglidur®.

At the beach, we split off to find an interesting place where we could shoot some photos.

Daman- Bombay- Pune.6

When I came back to my colleagues, I was facing a strange scene. One of our drivers had the glorious idea to park his vehicle (by the way, this “innovas” are very big cars) not on the street but ON THE SAND. How can you get a car that weights tons out of sand? Well, for sure only with united forces.

Daman- Bombay- Pune.7

Eventually, after several attempts, we made it! We could free our piloting vehicle and to continue our journey.

Next stop was Bombay. The way was leading us through stunning landscapes. A modern highway that is leading through a mix of steppe and tropical jungle with mountains in the background and traditional villages next to the road. Just, awesome.

Daman- Bombay- Pune.

I feel that personally we arrived in Bombay too fast. Most Europeans just know Bombay out of the famous Bollywood movie “Slum Dog Millionaire”. I had no time to explore the city which I wanted to do. We arrived late at night and had to leave for Pune already the following day, but on the first glance it seemed to be a booming metropolis with very modern buildings and skyscrapers. On every corner construction work is going on. I discovered later on that Bombay is actually the economically strongest city and the financial hub of India.

Daman- Bombay- Pune .9

Daman- Bombay- Pune .10

I’m writing this post in Pune. Tomorrow, we will drive the entire way to Bangalore (800km) which will mark the end of our journey. From there we just will visit Chennai and then come back.

As usual, I will keep you guys up to date,

yours Sascha.

The journey through pictures


The iglidur on tour car has already covered a large area, from having its’ very own press event, show casing at The Auto Expo and visiting customers in Asia. The snippets above indicate really how far the car has come right from the initial development stage, where igus iglidur bearings replaced the standard, right through to having eventually passed through customs and arriving safely at the other end to be firmly on the roads in New Delhi.

For more information on iglidur on tour, and of course the igus parts themselves, see here:


Lets go south! Jaipur – Ahmmedabad

Today my topics of discussion will focus upon iglidur® in the desert and a MANUS participant that is fond of our support and products.
Let me firstly introduce you to one of our local customers in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad consists of five million citizens making it the largest city in the state of Gujarat. By the way, Gujarat is the only state in India where alcohol is strictly forbidden by law. Anyway, located in a small and busy street in the prosperous city you can find the factory of the traditional family company EEWA Engineering.

EEWA Engineering, founded in 1947, employs about twenty people. They are specialized in custom made machines, mostly for sealing and packaging and are selling them all over the world. They have been purchasing igus® parts for decades but became our customer on a regular basis about two years ago.

Two years ago, Mr. Prakash, CEO of EEWA, asked for technical support for a sampling machine. His machine was significantly too heavy. At the first visit our sales manager spent almost half of the day supporting and advising him, working out what parts can be replaced by igus® parts to lower the weight.  Mr. Prakash was so happy with our support that from then on he became a regular customer.

On recommendation of our sales manager he participated in our MANUS program in 2013. The MANUS program awards the most innovative plastic bearing application. His company took part with a hot stamping machine that makes use of SLW linear slide, drylin® W and drylin® N. Drylin® W moves the stamp. In the process of stamping, our drylin® W unit moves vertically about thirty times in a minute. The product that needs to be stamped varies in size. Our SLW linear slide ensures that the height of the stamp can be adjusted easily.

Additionally, drylin® N ensures the handling of the base plates. According to the size of the product and where the stamp is suppose to be, it must be put in the right position. Drylin® N enables the adjustment of the base plates on both x and y axes.

In the process of stamping, our products are coming in contact with chemicals. Therefore, Mr Prakash not only required a product that is light in weight and easy to assemble but also chemical resistant. All in all he has equipped more than 20 machines with our igus® parts. My impression is, that many more will follow suit. He is so convinced and impressed with igus® that he even suggested for us to extend our business. If Mr. Prakash is reading this article I want to say thank you again for the nice hospitality and the delicious tea as well as for his encouragement in the interviews.

Now lets go back a few hundred kilometers. Lets leave green Ahmedabad with its parks and shopping malls that are countless in numbers. Lets leave the modern site of India and go to rural India, more precise to Pushkar. Lets explore the Indian desert.

Our car ran on bumpy roads full of sand and dust. Again, both our products and the car made it without any problems. Better than me for sure. I forgot to put on sun crème, in a desert. Anyway, it was really impressive to see how the surrounding changed gradually. You could also see the environment change via the number of camels on streets that were transporting goods next to trucks and cars.
Actually, there is not so much I can tell you about the part of the desert we went to it is best to let the photos and videos speak for themselves.

On the way back we passed an area where you could see more monkeys than I have ever seen before. There was one tree that was kind of more monkey than tree. Actually, I asked my colleague to park the car under this tree for shooting some nice photos but he refused. Apparently, they are really aggressive and he couldn’t ensure that they wouldn’t attack the car.

I’m writing this post on the way to Daman which is located at the coast, about 150km north of Bombay. We have combined this with visiting our beloved customers. On the way we left one of our escort vehicles behind. The driver forgot to put in fuel so that he is now stranded somewhere on the highway! I somehow get the feeling that this will be a long day again.

Anyway, I will keep you guys up to date,
yours Sascha.

For more information on igus parts within the automotive industry, see here:

It was good to see you at Southern Manufacturing

We’d like say a big thank you to everyone who visited us at Southern Manufacturing this week. Despite the atrocious weather conditions that forced the show to close early on day 1, it was still a great show for visitors and exhibitors alike.

The igus stand was busy on both days even right up until the unforeseen and unfortunate premature closing at 2 pm on Wednesday. There were plenty of attractions and innovations that we had so many visitors to the stand. The team were so busy helping customers with their enquiries explaining how igus products can benefit their new and existing applications; it was a shame to have not been able to continue to the end of the day.

Fortunately the unpredictable Great British weather didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the exhibition and all it has to offer. Day 2 was really busy as the show continued in full swing. Visitors merrily enjoyed drinks, snacks and chatting with the team, it was really nice to be a part of it. Witnessing the hustle bustle on the igus and surrounding stands it was evident that everyone was just as engaged as ever and furthermore, happy to be at the show.

If you missed us at Southern Manufacturing and have any enquiries that you would like us to help you with email us at, or visit our website at and we will be more than happy to do all we can to assist you.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day

It was good to see you at Southern Manufacturing

The CFRIP range is extended to over 230 cable types

“Long lengths can be stripped in half the time and the system ensures that no damage occurs to the core insulation,” says James Harrison, chainflex Product Manager at igus.

Watch CFRIP in action:

The outer jacket can be stripped to the desired length simply by pulling the special CFRIP cord, a fast and effective way of stripping cables.

Along with chainflex CF5 PVC control cables, where the CFRIP cord is in the outer jacket, and the shielded version chainflex CF6, where the cord is in the inner jacket – CFRIP is now integrated in the CF130 and CF140 control cable family, as well as the entire motor cable range.

Want more information?

Visit the igus website on

Or contact James himself on: 07971 468439

Auto Expo Special: Part 2

Our car is the main attraction of this event with some people even making offers on purchasing the car! Our booth is always crowded with visitors and potential customers from all over the world. Still, I’m sure we are attracting that many people not only due to the car, but also due to how we are presenting ourselves. With our booth we are standing out of the mass. As most companies are just showing their products we are focusing on “interaction”.

Auto Expo Special Part 2

For this we offer two games where people can compete with each other. One is a racing game a la “Carrera” and one a videogame. The racing game is testing your driving skills (unfortunately the car has no horn) whereas you can prove in the video game your knowledge about our “iglidur® on tour” car.

Auto Expo Special Part 2.2 Auto Expo Special Part 2.3 Auto Expo Special Part 2.4

We combine this interaction with various forms of media. We have a huge screen where we are showing our teaser and funny igus® clips. Additionally, all is highlighted by loud techno music.

Furthermore, we have a special offer as people don’t need to shoot photos with the car by themselves. We are doing it for them! We collect their email addresses and Facebook profile names. Thus, they exclusively can get their picture via mail or being tagged directly.

Auto Expo Special Part 2.5

All in all the response to our project is very good. The word is spreading and iglidur® on tour is getting more and more famous. For instance yesterday, while we were having dinner in the evening the father of a colleague called. Apparently a local newspaper published an article about iglidur® on tour. 600km south in Kanpur.

For more info on igus bearings, see here:


Auto Expo Special

Driver, Sascha, tell us all about iglidur at the Auto Expo show in India:

We had our first day on the Auto Expo in New Delhi. It is not only the major automotive show in India, but also the second largest in the world held every two years. There are two shows at two different venues this year; the motor show and the component show. At the component show we are represented with two booths. One inside a hall, showing our products and one outside demonstrating the car and our “iglidur® on tour” project. We have 70m² for our vehicle which is more than we have ever had at this show!

The outside booth is more “funky” as it aims to engage as many people as possible (although the car alone is already an attraction by itself) raising awareness of the tour and iglidur components in themselves. In addition to the car, we have a small car racing game as well as one big screen with short clips such as this music video from igus India:

and one with a video game where you can test your knowledge about the car and our applications.

The first day was a success although some things went wrong. We had a cable fire at our outdoor both and a leaking pipe inside. Despite these minor technical problems we were able to carry on with the issue in hand and work properly. We not only got a lot of inquiries but also new potential customers so the event proved to be a great success for us. As I was outside the entire day with the car, I cannot estimate the crowd indoor but at our “iglidur® on tour” booth we predominantly had a huge crowd! Not only did iglidur attract the generic customer audience and the general public, yet it also grasped the attention of the ‘times of India’ newspaper, one of the largest in the subcontinent!

I will keep you guys up to date.
Good night,

yours Sascha.

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