Why do an apprenticeship

Why do an apprenticeship?

Modern working environments are constantly adapting and apprenticeships are becoming a more prominent way of working for students who feel university is not for them.

How to solder a connector: A step-by-step guide 

As an experienced and well-equipped industry expert, igus® are prepped to solder your connectors for you. However, if you’re looking to take on this task yourself, here’s our baseline guide on how to do so.

Will robots take my job? 

The demand for automation is only growing and is applicable to every area of our lives. This blog explores if the demand for robotics will overtake the demand for a human workforce

Challenges for medical device manufacturers

Medical technology is fast moving so organisations who manufacture for this industry have to race to keep up. In such a crucial industry for innovative technologies, this blog looks at the challenges these medical equipment manufacturers face.