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12 August 2022 Erin Kemal chainflex , Sustainability
1.45 million tonnes of electrical waste is not recycled properly and is simply sent to landfill. Every company should be implementing polices to help combat this and one of the programmes that igus® have implemented is the chainflex® recycling programme. Read the full blog here
5 August 2022 Erin Kemal e-chain , Sustainability
Another sustainable product from igus®! The new fully recycled energy chain, the cradle-chain has been launched and offers a 28% CO2 saving whilst maintaining the same great benefits of the standard e-chains®
22 July 2022 Erin Kemal Company , Sustainability
It is true, you are reading that correctly. One of the most important questions asked of us over the last few years is “how to reduce single use plastic?”. So, with this in mind, we are releasing a bike made from recycled plastic!
17 June 2022 Erin Kemal Sustainability
The goal of reducing CO2 emissions has become anchored in many corporate strategies and strategising on how to reduce your carbon footprint has become the forefront for business growth. The necessity for this goal has become more urgent over the last few years with the rapid changes in climate ch...
5 June 2022 Erin Kemal Company , Sustainability
World Environment Day shouldn't just be one day. It should be every day. Companies, corporate businesses and individuals all need to do more and raise awareness of the damage we are all guilty of causing. At igus®, as a company we are hoping to be carbon neutral by 2025. Find out other sustainabl...
18 February 2022 Erin Kemal dry-tech , Sustainability
The electric car era is approaching fast and for many of us, we are yet to get involved. However, in many cases the need for electric cars far outweighs any negative issues that seem to be circulating. But many people are asking, when will all cars be electric in the UK?
Vertical farming is something that we are hearing more and more of and when you look at the situation with climate change, it is becoming more essential. There are many ways of ensuring that vertical farming is successful in a positive way! Read more to find out how igus® products are helping in ...
25 June 2021 Erin Kemal Company , Sustainability
At igus® the green initiatives are one of the key areas that are being focused on in 2021. There are some large changes going on behind the scenes but there is something we can all do, help clean up the planet. Litter is a massive issue, so igus® employees up and down the country have been helpin...