Issue 08/2022

Top 12 news items in 2022

The news you most requested

Summer is here. While some enjoy the sun by the pool, others have it work for them in their solar fields. If you want to minimise maintenance work, our igubal® pillow block bearings are just what you are looking for. Our white paper will show you exactly what their advantages are.

We have summarised the hottest new products from this year’s early summer Hannover Messe for you: the 12 most requested news items can be found in this newsletter.  

And HUNGEXPO’s new multifunctional hall shows how an auditorium full of seating becomes a dance floor at the push of a button. This sophisticated technology, which uses our energy chains and cables, won the golden vector® award.

We hope you have a nice summer.

Matthew Aldridge

White paper: pillow block bearings in solar technology

Where there is lots of sunshine, solar technology is often used to generate energy. In addition to UV radiation, single-axis solar tracker bearings are also exposed to high and low temperatures, sand and dust. Ideally, they hold up for a long time without failures and with little maintenance effort. Read this white paper to find out what the requirements for mounting single-axis solar trackers are and why a pillow block bearing design made of high-performance plastic has proven itself here.

Your top 12 motion plastics® news items for 2022

Telescopic and twistable
Combines the energy chain and the retraction system in a single device.  Space-saving installation with retraction compensation of up to 36%.
triflex® R TRX

Sustainable e-chain®
Based on the igus® chainge program, the new E2.1.CG e-chain® was created using 100% recycled material – all tested in the igus® laboratory.
cradle-chain E2.1.CG

Smart robot arm
Now with integrated sensors, eliminating additional costs for external hardware. Thanks to new cloud services, you can monitor your robot live.

More system availability
Low-cost service life sensor for real-time condition monitoring of direct gliding e-chain system® machine connection.
i.Sense EC.W

Organised charging station
Cable retraction system for clean cable management at charging stations. No slip ring required. Little installation space with a long extension length.
e-tract design study

Reduce storage space by 50%
Organisation is now available even in the smallest cable storage system. The new version is stackable and compatible with existing sizes.
chainflex® CASE S

First 3D printing resin
Suitable for processing on DLP and LCD printers? Specifically developed for printing gears and wear parts.
iglidur® i3000

Large-diameter modular crossbar system
Modular with E4Q opening mechanism. Install without tools and replace hoses as needed.
E4Q modular crossbar system

Accessories and mini-version for the smallest of spaces
Brush attachment for cleaning the cable before winding it up and guide roller for lateral movement during extension.
e-spool® flex 2.0

Universal interior separation
Ease of installation, complete flexibility and safety, all in one device. Completely captive, mounted without tools.
e-chain® E4Q series

Avoid machine fires with high-end TPE cables
More than 210 high-end TPE cables with UL approval, available immediately.
High-end TPE with UL

Fibre-rod in 30 sizes
Now also for the smallest triflex® R chain size. Directional pretension from 300mm to 800mm.
triflex® TRE

For cool heads and hot rhythms

The ingenious machinery of HUNGEXPO’s new multi-purpose hall wins the golden vector award

The new HUNGEXPO multi-purpose hall in Budapest can be transformed from a lecture hall into a dance floor at the touch of a button. The auditorium has rows of seats on 43 platforms which can move flexibly. Plastic energy chains and chainflex® control, data and bus cables are used for complex cable guidance.

Summertime is maintenance time

Thanks to modern motion plastics®, maintenance work on machines and systems can be significantly reduced, not eliminated completely. Take advantage of our inspection and assembly service for your summer installation. We will advise you on the optimal planning and execution of the work. 
igus® services can be found here

Where is igus® hiding?

World’s first solar-powered two-seater
The aim of the prototype of the “Sunseeker Duo” solar aircraft was it had to be lightweight. The objective in designing the wing suspension was finding an easy-to-assemble connection element. Instead of metal bearings, lightweight igubal® KGLM spherical bearings are used. 
Learn more

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Issue 05/2022

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

Spring time always brings new life, light, and of course new igus® products! This year is no exception, and you can see some of these below. We have a special focus on sustainability, and we are also expanding the igus product recycling programmes. If you want to try any of these new products in the machines that you build, drop me a line and I will send you a sample as fast as I can.

Warm regards,

Matthew Aldridge

Improve what moves: 175 innovations

Ever more ways to improve what moves

April and product news … we can’t get that out of our heads. But the “real” Hannover Messe, where our big motion plastics® new products show traditionally takes place, doesn’t start this year until the end of May. What should we do?

We thought it over and opted to present to you today all 175 brand new motion plastics®: Besides innovations for the cleanroom and energy chains and bearing technology made of 100% recycled material, we also have something completely new beyond the product: the CO2 footprint of the most common plain bearings in the online shop. Interesting for anyone who wants to measure their Scope 3 emissions. Curious now? Then have fun discovering.

Discover all innovations

There is surely something for your application too 

On the extensive news pages, we have compiled all the information about our 175 new products: whether technical data, images, videos or even online tools for direct testing. Just browse through.  

15 of 175 motion plastics® innovations 2022

Wear-resistance in a whisper
Combination of two polymers for high speeds and durability. At the same time dimensionally stable, highly wear-resistant and quiet.
Two-component ball bearings xiros®

Alternative to DIN103
Higher efficiency and longer service life than conventional lead screws thanks to the unique dryspin® lead screw technology.
Lead screws dryspin®

FANUC measuring system for dry environments
Save 35.8% with PVC outer jacket. UL certification for worldwide use. Up to 36 months guarantee.*
chainflex® Series CF211

Long distances, extreme dynamics, high run times
World’s first propelled e-chain system® for long distances of 1,000m and more, extreme dynamics and high run times.

Tough, resistant to temperature and chemicals
Solves problems of occurring edge loads in the automotive industry by high mechanical strength.
Plain bearing iglidur® H5

Highest cleanroom suitability, hardly any abrasion, high stability
Optimised design without measurable abrasion. For ISO cleanroom class 1 applications.
e-chain® system C6

Lubrication-free angular gearboxes
Weight savings of up to a factor of 7 for housings made of plastic compared to steel and aluminium. Stainless.
iguform S270 and igutech P360

Low Cost Automation with condition monitoring
20% cost savings through integrated sensor technology. Live monitoring with cloud connection.
Robot arm ReBeL®

Tribo-parts in DLP process
For wear-resistant parts and gears with finest details. Up to 60 times longer service life than common 3D printing resins.
iglidur® i3000 3D printing resin

New low-cost service life sensor
80% cost reduction through direct connection to plant control system. Suitable for harsh, dark, or dirty environments.
i.Sense EC.W

Order at the charging station
Compact, loop-free system for clean cable management in car charging stations. Can be combined with all commercially available wallbox systems.
e-tract cable retraction system

Revolution in robot energy supply systems
Up to 40% length compensation possible. Minimisation of looping. Compatible with the triflex® portfolio and therefore easy to retrofit.
Telescopic triflex® TRX

Flat & modular in cleanroomModular principle for ISO class 1 applications – flat cable guidance system with stranded structure. UL certified complete system.

Cable guidance system e-skin®

FDA-compliant linear guide Modular thanks to modular design. Robust double shaft rails. Smooth, round design without corners. Liner conforming to FDA and EU 10/2011 EC.
drylin® W hygienic design

Compact pillow block bearing for spherical insert bearings
Simple assembly by screwing from below. Completely corrosion-free. Very cost-effective. 
Pillow block bearing igubal®

Sustainable product developments

We have been focusing more and more on sustainability in manufacturing and products since 2018. As a result, we are now also able to state the carbon footprint of a large number of our iglidur® plain bearings. In addition, there are new products that are largely or completely made from recycled material from our own production. And these are also tested in the laboratory and have a predictable service life.

Premiere: e-chain® made of 100% recycled material
Based on our chainge program, the new catalogue range E2.1 (micro) was created from 100% recycled material, all tested in the igus® laboratory.cradle-chain E2.1.CG

Recycled adapter for liners
Linear housing made of 100% recycled igus® polymer P4 and liners made of iglidur® J4 with high recycled material content. drylin® made of ECO materials

Plain bearings made from 100% regranulates
The new, sustainable iglidur® ECO materials consist of regranulates of our top materials that have proven themselves for many years.iglidur® ECO plain bearings

motion plastics® News 2022 to browse through

Over 400 pages of innovations
Whether browsing digitally through the PDF or manually through the printed catalogue: Download the News 2022 now as a PDF or order the printed catalogue and get to know all the innovations at your leisure.

Download dry-tech® News 22 as pdf (33.0 MB)
Download e-chains® News 22 as pdf (22.1 MB)
Order printed catalogue here

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Issue 04/2022

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

An “unsung hero” of the igus® range is the tribo-coating process. This is where iglidur® bearing material is powder coated onto a metal part, which means you can turn any part you like into a self-lubricating low friction bearing surface! You can find out more about this here:

My offer to you is this; if you manufacture machines and want to test a tribo-coated part then I will do this for you for free! Send me the metal part, and I will coat it for you to try. There is no catch, I will do this for nothing. A 2022 present to all igus® newsletter readers.

With best regards,

Matthew Aldridge

Old out, new in

Chain recycling has never been so easy

Residual waste, paper collection bin, yellow bag, organic waste, you have to concentrate when cleaning up after cooking. And then we’re already off work and actually have our heads free. Do you have the time in your day-to-day business to take care of the proper recycling of old machine parts? Not always? We thought so.

That’s why we are now starting earlier with “chainge”, our recycling programme for energy chains, and offer to take back your old chains, no matter from which manufacturer, at the time of your enquiry for installation. You have less work and there is also a voucher for the material taken away. So you can look forward to the next chain exchange with peace of mind and a good feeling.

The chain recycling is now included in the installation service

You are already acquainted with our installation service: it saves you time and money when installing your energy chain systems, from replacing individual chain links to large modernisation projects. The NEW thing about it is that we take your old energy chains directly and recycle them in the “chainge” programme. With us, everything comes from one source and goes back into one. There is also a voucher for you on top.

motion plastics® News

360° rotation angle without sliding contacts 
The PRM rotating energy supply system is a plastic trough for smaller measuring and handling machines. The guidance is also suitable for camera applications. It does not require sliding contacts and is protected against corrosion.
Polymer rotation module PRM

Over 210 high-end cables with UL
With the new chainflex® TPE cables, we assure you of the maximum load capacity in combination with UL AWM Style. In the test, TPE proved itself and lasted 13 times longer than PUR. Protect yourself against unplanned failure via longer service life.
TPE high-end cables with UL

First smart plastics® complete set in the igus® online shop
Order the smart complete package for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance conveniently online from now on. Based on your existing e-chain®, you only need to determine the application parameters such as cable projections or switch cabinet position.
The ready-to-use complete set for retrofit

iglidur® P – UV for photovoltaic plants
Bearings of so-called tracking systems in photovoltaic plants defy particularly adverse environmental conditions. iglidur® P UV plain bearings have a high resistance to ultraviolet rays. For long service life with the least possible loss of strength.
iglidur® P UV plain bearings

For flat installation spaces:
Rattle-free thanks to pre-tension
For flat installation spaces up to 12mm. A variety of rails and linear carriages are available in four installation sizes and widths up to 80mm. In installation size 80 now also with pre-tension for less noise and rattling.
Linear carriage drylin® N

FDA-compliant toothed belt axis
New in the modular system: all metallic components are made of highly resistant stainless steel, and the axis is based on the guidelines of hygienic design. For fast cleaning processes and clean and hygienic operation.
Toothed belt axis drylin® ZLW-20-HYD

Young engineers support!

We promote the prospective engineers

A sustainable industry needs new materials and new ideas. With our young engineer support (yes) we support trainees and students in trying out their technical projects with free samples, sponsorships and advice. Teachers can also approach us, not only with requests for samples, but also when it comes to guest lectures as part of a lecture series or a tour of the production facilities.

Where is igus® hiding?

High-speed injection moulding machine – accelerations of up to 10g
The removal robot reaches extreme speeds, and the removal time for injection-moulded parts is less than one second. A conventional cable would fail under these loads after just a few days. Thanks to cores wound in bundles, the chainflex® control cables remain strong even under the highest bending stress and high dynamics.
Learn more about the application here

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Issue 03/2022

Welcome to the March newsletter, there are definitely signs of spring in the air. The turning point for me is when I am leaving work and it is not dark, life always seems better. The days are not the only thing getting longer, lead times are increasing for many products in almost all sectors. Please remember that the vast majority of igus® parts are stocked in Northampton, over 6 million parts and 200 kilometres of cable, all ready for shipping in 24 hours. My message to you remains the same: if you have moving parts on your machine, then it is likely that we can save you time and money. Throughout 2022 my offer of samples still stands, so email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money.

With best regards,

Matthew Aldridge


Fast & lubrication-free

New motion plastics® for your applications

Whether super fast 3D printing service e.g., for toothed belt discs, cost-effective XXL room linear robots for fixed automation or the absolute professional tips for the use of e-chains®. In this newsletter we have again compiled many new solutions for you.

And as always, if you do not find the optimal product for your application, please contact us so that we can find a solution together. 

Custom toothed belt disc

In 48 hours with 3D printing service for tribopolymers

Customised toothed belt discs beyond off-the-shelf products often involve waiting times of several weeks. We have reduced the waiting time to 48 hours without compromising on quality. On the contrary, the test series in the igus laboratory showed a significantly longer service life of the tribo-material for laser sintering compared to milled and injection-moulded POM parts. 


motion plastics® news

Save 80% installation time 
Thanks to readychain® speed, harnessed e-chain systems® can be connected in seconds and without the use of tools.

Throughput times in installation as well as machine downtimes and maintenance work can thus be reduced to a minimum compared to standard e-chains®.
readychain® micro-speed


XXL room linear robot: up to 60% more cost-effective than comparable solutions
The new drylin® XXL room linear robot has an action radius of 2,000 x 2,000 x 1,500mm and is particularly suitable for palletising applications up to 10 kilograms. The robot is available from 7,000 euros including the control system and is easy to set up and program yourself.
drylin® XXL room linear robot

CFX clamps

Reliably secure pneumatic hoses
Pneumatic stacker saddle as inserts in the e-chain® enclose the hoses from above and below. They prevent the screws of the clamp from not pressing directly on the surface of the hose, but on the upper insert of the stacker saddle. This ensures that the hose sits securely in position and prevents crushing.

New CFX clamps

drylin® linear carriage to go

Linear unit can be installed and dismantled in a single operation
Thanks to the clip mechanism, the carriage of this new linear unit can be removed from the linear rail without tools and from any position in a single operation. The installation is just as quick. A real relief, especially for agricultural vehicles, camera systems or measuring and testing technology.
drylin® W linear bearing

iglidur® bar stock

Four new bar stock materials for lubrication-free and maintenance-free special parts
New expansion of the range of iglidur® round bars by no less than four materials; among them two for the food sector: the heat-resistant material iglidur® AC500 and the resilient material A250. The extremely hard-wearing material iglidur® H3 and the particularly wear-resistant endurance material iglidur® E complete the product range.
iglidur® bar stock

This makes it very easy:

Professional tips for energy supply systems

Tips for a robust energy supply system

Valuable tips on how to plan your own energy chain project for a wide variety of applications, optimise the chain, and design it for the longest possible service life. These tips should never be considered a substitute for advice from igus® experts. The technical sales advisors and office staff will be happy to assist you with tasks such as – design, installation and commissioning on site.

Where is igus® hiding?

Hygienic linear bearings for vegetable packers without plastics

Hygienic linear bearings for vegetable packers without plastics
A machine for packaging fruit and vegetables without film with a clear view of the product. The drylin® linear bearings enable lubrication-free operation and the compact design of the system. The first plant of this type is being used by a vegetable producer on Reichenau Island in Lake Constance.

Learn more about the application here

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Issue 12/2021

A special Christmas edition

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes
(to the tune of Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney):

The mood is right
The spirits up
igus plastics
are always enough

igus always saves you money and time
simply having a wonderful Christmas time

Moving parts
On your machine
Free samples to try
You’ll see what I mean

igus always saves you money and time
simply having a wonderful Christmas time

Thank you for your business this year. All of us at igus wish you a joyful Christmas and best wishes for 2022. Matthew Aldridge


Final introduction of new products 2021

180 new products on the virtual-real trade show stand

The year is drawing to a close and that’s another reason for us to speed things up: additional to our 180 new products in 2021, some other innovative ones have been added.

From more than 210 high-end chainflex® cables with UL to contactless monitoring of cables with smart plastics: on the web or during a personal tour, you can get an overview of our freshly redesigned virtual-real trade show stand.

You can see how the stand works and what advantages it offers in the video. Or you can simply visit it online in your own time. We look forward to seeing you at:

Have fun discovering the new products and ideas!

180 new products in 2021

With all new products in 2021 and an iF Design Award winner: our 400 m² real-virtual trade show stand has been freshly spruced up for your visit.

You can see how the stand works in this video.


Discover things on your own whenever you want to. Or you can get igus® specialists to show you the new products personally.

motion plastics® highlights at SPS

chainflex® TPE high end UL

World’s first manufacturer with UL approval for halogen-free TPE cables
Maximum load capacity in combination with UL AWM Style for over 210 cables. Increase of the service life guarantee* by 25% to 12.5 million double strokes. Time-consuming regular individual approvals become superfluous.chainflex® cables with UL

i.Sense CF.D II

Contactless monitoring of cables

The new sensor electronics are “clicked” onto the cable at both ends. This allows measurement during ongoing operation without interference in the data link. 
i.Sense CF.D II

drylin® axis 7

Extending the working range of robots
With the 7th axis kit, the workspace of common lightweight robots can be expanded via our linear module (or linear axis). The robots are controlled via digital I/O’s whereby all the safety criteria are also complied with.drylin® 7th axis for robots


THE alternative to PTFE Trackless Cables
Easily integrate into your application by fitting CFCLEAN or e-skin flat pods. Length and width can be changed as required. Resource-friendly and service-friendly due to easy interchangeability of each individual element.Stranded structure CFCLEAN with e-skin® flat

drylin® SLW-BB-1030

Linear module: 35% narrower design
The powerful yet slim SLW-BB-1030 is the most compact linear actuator in size 10. Suitable for all lead screws with ø10 with efficient dryspin® high helix thread as well as self-locking trapezoidal thread. For pitches from 2 to 50mm.drylin® SLW-BB-1030

This is where igus® is hiding

Formula Student

High-powered electric cars in the Formula Student
In the design engineering competitions for students, participants are increasingly competing with pioneering electric drives. Our yes initiative (young engineers support) supports the young designers with modern bearing technology and components. A number of projects have already been set up together.
Learn more

8th vector award 2022 launched

Bold applications with e-chains® and cables sought

vector award

Modern plastic energy chains have been ensuring the safe, reliable supply of energy, data, signals and media while remaining in continuous motion for 50 years. The vector award recognises unique applications with energy supply systems. These applications can be implemented with multifaceted energy chains and cables.

The winners will be selected by an expert jury composed of members from the fields of science, specialist media and associations and will be awarded in 2022 (25-29 April 2022) at the Hannover Messe Industrie. The deadline for submissions is 11th February 2022.

Insights from the igus® lab

chainflex® test laboratory

The world’s largest test laboratory for moving cables
We give a guarantee* with confidence on our cables of up to 36 months, because with over 30 years of experience and 700 parallel tests we can make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables. Take a look at our technical centre.

Click here to go to the test laboratory

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Issue 11/2021

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

COP26 is now behind us, and the work starts now on real practical ways to help the environment. All igus customers know that there is a huge immediate benefit to changing to igus motion plastics; the total elimination of lubrication. You can read about this at our sustainability page here Last week igus UK launched yet another environmental initiative, cable recycling. As well as being an eco-friendly way to recycle your used cables, the money raised will be used to plant trees in collaboration with the National Trust,

My message to you remains the same: if you have moving parts on your machine, then it is likely that we can save you time and money. Throughout 2021 my offer of samples still stands, so email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money.

With best regards

Matthew Aldridge

Matthew Aldridge

You can always automate

cost-effectively with motion plastics®

A complete linear gantry for a giant 3D printer, or a lightweight stand-alone cobot, or telescopic e-chains used in automotive production robots, wherever there is motion and automation, then motion plastics keeps lubrication out and costs down.

This newsletter will show you the latest parts that we have developed to push forward motion plastics technology, and you can also download white papers to go deeper into different subjects.

Enjoy reading!

IMPS igus® motion plastics® show

With all 2021 innovations

With all 2021 new products and having received the iF Design Award: our physical/virtual trade show stand has been freshly smartened up for your visit.


Whenever you want, you can explore it on your own. Or you can get one of your igus® specialists to show you the new products personally.

motion plastics® News

Plastic cobot

Lightest cobot in the world
Our new plastic cobot weighs in at just ten kilograms. It features low costs, low maintenance requirements, and simple operation, therefore enabling even start-ups and small companies to use innovative service robotics. ReBeL® industrial and service robots


No cable kinking
The new SCARA cable solution was developed specifically for high dynamics on SCARA robots. It consists of ball-bearing-mounted swivel joints and an e-rib to stabilise the corrugated hose and prevent the cables from kinking.SCARA cable solution


Up to 40% length compensation
The telescopic triflex® TRX combines the energy chain and a retraction system. The length compensation prevents loop formation at the robot. The round shape is resilient and makes it easy to insert and remove harnessed cables. triflex® TRX robot chain

RBTXpert – Free live video consultation
We record your requirements, check the feasibility, determine the fixed price and create a parts list. We also provide 
remote assistance. Select a live consultation appointment now

Where is igus® hiding?


A house from a 3D printer
A house from a 3D printer? This has been realistic for a long time. In the mobile 3D printer for the production of facade elements
a three-dimensional portal is used in which the x and y axes are implemented with drylin® toothed belt units and the z axis with drylin® spindlenut systems.

Get to know the whole application here

Practical tips and knowledge

10 tips for robot energy supply

10 tips for robot energy supply
6-axis robots are often used in automated production lines set up and commissioned on site. Medium-sized companies are increasingly using these robots in stand-alone applications – and asking themselves the following question: how should the energy, signal and the pneumatic supply be implemented on the robot arm? 

Whitepaper with 10 tips available for free here

Toothed belt or lead screw drive

Toothed belt or lead screw drive: how do I select the right linear module?
Accuracy, speed and speed limitation are just a few criteria that influence linear module selection. What are the advantages of lead screw drive systems, and how do they differ from toothed belt drives?

Find the answers in the white paper

ROIBOT – award for clever automation solutions

ROIBOT banner

Have you optimised your processes with a Low Cost Robotics application and igus® components? Then apply now for the igus® ROIBOT Award!

An independent panel of expert judges from research, specialist press, and manufacture will evaluate the concepts. Here, ingenuity and clever ideas for improvement will play a particularly important role.
The deadline is 30th April 2022.

motion plastics® in automotive production


Reducing maintenance cost and effort in automotive production
The degree of automation is continuously increasing, especially in automotive production. Collaborating robot arms for assembly and welding work are in continuous use, as are all the components that supply them with data and energy. 

Compact industry knowledge available here

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Issue 10/2021

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes;

Autumn is here once more, and (in England at least) we are allowed to eat out, socialise, and live more or less normally once again. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, well you could buy quite a few lunches with €5000 (around £4250), and this is exactly what you can win in the latest Vector awards. Do you use or have you used plastic chains for guiding cables or hoses in your machine? Not just igus e-chain (which is, of course, the best option out there by a country mile), but any chain? Then submit details of your application and you will have a chance of winning. There are also runner-up prizes, so get online now and submit your application; And, as an additional bonus, if you DO win then I will personally treat you to lunch too, completely free!

chains 'n chips

My message to you remains the same: if you have moving parts on your machine, then it is likely that we can save you time and money. Throughout 2021 my offer of samples still stands, so email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money.

With best regards

Matthew Aldridge

180 autumn innovations

Virtually or your premises

180 new motion plastics® are waiting for you to discover them. Choose between these two options:

First option:

Digital with a personal live presentation at our physical/virtual trade show stand: Book an appointment for you or your whole team

Second option:

Your premises with the pop-up igus® in-house trade show: We present to your entire company the news relevant to you, in a way to meet your hygiene regulations.

We look forward to seeing you.

IMPS – the igus® motion plastics® show

The whole motion plastics® world at one trade show stand

All 180 innovations are ready for you to discover at the unique IMPS trade show:

Browse the virtual trade show stand. Videos, animations, links and PDF files with more information tell you everything you need to know. And then you can have the products you select along the way, sent to you as a PDF catalogue.

Or, you can arrange an appointment with an expert who will guide you LIVE from the IMPS stand to the innovations that are important to you and answer your questions directly.


Digital motion plastics® news

Drive Technology

Configure drive technology, quickly and easily

With motors, other accessories, and control systems.

Detailed parts list. 

Configuring your drive technology system


Marketplace for low cost robotics
Remote integration for Low Cost Automation at a fixed price.



Customised injection-moulded plain bearings in seven days

Instant pricing. All manufacturing processes. Comparison with the standard product range 

FastLine service

12 of 180 motion plastics® News

drylin® ZLW-20 HYD

Hygienic design linear axis
Ready to connect. Individually configurable. FDA-compliant.

drylin® ZLW-20 HYD

triflex® TRX

Revolution in robot energy supply systems
Space-saving with
integrated retraction system.

triflex® TRX

drylin® TW-04-XX-P

Preloaded miniature guide
New linear carriages with selectable preload, quiet operation.

drylin® TW-04-XX-P

e-skin® flat and CFCLEAN

Quantum leap for cleanroom cables
43% lighter, 39% thinner, extra long service life.

e-skin® flat and CFCLEAN

xiros® polymer ball bearings

21 times the service life
Strong ball bearing with improved sliding properties. No lubrication necessary.

xiros® polymer ball bearings

PRT slewing ring bearing

asy and quick manual release
Repeatable defined location points.

PRT slewing ring bearings


Track material
Certifiability according to fire standard EN45545 Hazard level 3.

iglidur® J350

drylin® WWS

25% narrower linear carriages,
assembled Longest service life on aluminium rails. Quiet.

drylin® WWS

e-chain C6

Energy supply without measurable abrasion

Very strong, quiet, and for ISO Cleanroom Class 1 applications.

e-chain® Series C6

iglidur M210 M260

Thick-walled bearing product range

Vibration-damping, greater strength, less wear.

iglidur® M210 and M260

Plug-in e-chain®

Reduce assembly time by 80%
Energy supply system. Integrated seal and strain relief.

Plug-in e-chain®


Industry 4.0 –  Eliminate three devices
Now there are four sensors in one switch cabinet module.

i.Sense:module II

Discover autumn news: Here’s how

Would you like to experience the innovations “for real”? Then we have two options for you:

In-house trade show at your site

We will show you our latest products for your use case  – outside in the fresh air and in compliance with current hygiene regulations.

Just make an appointment, and we will come to you. The trade show stand with 50m2 of exhibition space can be set up at your premises within an hour.

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igus® innovation displays in your office

The igus® innovation displays, the huge sample box for your office. The compact stand ensures that your developers always have all relevant motion plastics® at hand.

Simply work with an igus® expert to select the product groups that are important for you, and the innovation display will be ready for you a short time later.

motion plastics® in use

motion plastics® in picking robots

Teaching a picking robot to see

In this application, 2D and 3D cameras use the drylin® toothed belt axes to automatically detect empties. The advantages: axes reach high speeds, are quiet and inexpensive… Read the whole story

How sustainable are motion plastics®?


Plastic is a much-discussed material. We know that high-performance polymers can contribute to protecting resources and the environment, and we have made this the focus of our corporate activities. Read all the facts here

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Issue 07/2021

I wish I had …

How technology wishes can be fulfilled

Have you ever responded to your daily technical challenges by thinking “I wish I had …”? motion plastics® innovations with their many technical advantages can very often help. 

This newsletter will show you how to get what you wish you had the most.

Enjoy reading.

Matthew Aldridge

I wish I had …

… Bearings that don’t need any grease

Interchangeable spherical ball bearing

No lubrication necessary! The self-lubricating spherical balls ensure maintenance-free dry running.

No ingress of dirt or dust. Protects the bearing from wear.

and thus ideal for use in water and media.

igubal® spherical insert bearings have a service life up to eight times that of ball bearings, especially in dirty environments.

I wish I had … the latest motion plastics®


Longer service life:
Switch from gliding to rolling
Retrofit and extend e-chain® service life. Reducing the variety of bearing parts and reducing the drive power for moving the e-chain ® are further advantages.

e-chain® E4.1R series


MTW cable: ONE for e-chain® and rack
The solution for connecting the cable to the cable rack directly after the e-chain®. UL listed: the plug-in points behind the e-chain® are no longer necessary. Storing different types of cables for energy chains and fixed installation is no longer necessary.

chainflex® CF150.UL/CF160.UL cable series

iglidur H3

Tough, wear-resistant, durable
iglidur® H3 sets new standards with its great robustness: it is tougher than comparable materials and has a longer service life than iglidur® H1.

iglidur® H3 plain bearings


Tough grip with a tough clamp
Manual clamping for drylin® W linear carriages allows fast, efficient clamping directly on the rail. An elastomer strip holds the carriage position firmly in place, protecting the rail surface.

New drylin® W manual clamp

iglidur A161

All-rounder filament for food contact
Suitable for printing components with high wear resistance. Easy-to-process, abrasion-resistant filament for printing food-compatible components in blue.

iglidur® I151-PF 3D print filament

I wish I had …

… comprehensive knowledge of energy supply systems

Everything you need to know about e-chains® and cables, compact and easy to read, summarised on a single page. The free white papers give you expert knowledge in no time.

I wish I had … an overview of where igus® products are used


Lift systems for yachts
How does the dinghy get onto the yacht or the jet ski into the water? With motion plastics®: e-chains® and stainless steel drylin® W profile guides stand up to adverse conditions at sea.

Read the whole story here

I wish I had … Tribo solutions for the solar industry

Strong UV radiation, heat, wind and dust: solar plants have to function under extreme environmental conditions. Dirt-resistant, lubrication-free plain and spherical bearings can be used in such applications as tracker systems, floating photovoltaic systems (floating PV) and cleaning systems.

Free white paper: bearing requirements in single-axis solar trackers

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Issue 06/2021

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

Over the last year we have all had to get used to working on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and this way of life is certainly here to stay! One great feature in Teams is the chat function, and my dear newsletter readers, you are most welcome to chat with me. I will be taking a summer break from writing the editorial in these newsletters, but my message to you remains the same: if you have moving parts on your machine, then it is likely that we can save you time and money. My offer of samples still stands, so contact me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money. You can email me or use this link to contact me by Microsoft Teams chat; start a chat here

Stay safe and enjoy the summer, best regards,

Matthew Aldridge

Our customers are explorers

Virtual-real IMPS trade show as a playground for fans of technology and high-tech engineering

With a new visual look and having recently received the iF Design Award, the igus® motion plastics® show (IMPS) is made for you. And that is what we intended.

What’s new: simply save new products that have awakened your interest during your visit, and have the information relating to them sent to you later in the form of an individual PDF catalogue.

Enjoy reading and discovering all the news.

Tech up, cost down. It´s our job.

What IMPS can do

All 168 innovations from 2021 and an iF Design Award environment in an area of 400m²:


NEW: Bookmark function. Select and mark interesting products and have information on them sent to you digitally in the form of an individual PDF catalogue


If personally guided: real conversations, rotate products precisely and have them displayed to you as you wish

02-arrow animation

If looking around on your own: everything can be clicked on for further videos, prices, etc

As always, you can explore the new products on your own without registering first, or you can have them shown to you personally by your personal igus® specialist during a guided tour.

3 of 168 motion plastics® innovations 2021


Configured in seconds, injection moulded in seven days
Customised injection-moulded plain bearings and thrust washers within seven days.
iglidur FastLine service


Reduce your assembly time by 40%. New universal interior separation system
40% less time needed for assembly compared to the E4.1 series. 10% less weight: material recesses reduce weight in line with high stability.
E4Q energy chain


Predictive maintenance – Linear carriage with wear measurement
Function check at the touch of a button directly on the linear carriage. The wear sensor  is integrated directly into the liner.
drylin W i.Sense linear carriage

IMPS – igus® motion plastics® show:
Click here to explore all the e-chain® news at the virtual-real trade show stand.
Click here to explore all the plain bearing news at the virtual-real trade show stand.

Interactive catalogue of new products

Browse through version 2.0

A new kind of digital catalogue. Much more information with a single click: white papers, online shop and websites with more details, videos or online configurators as well. 


Knowledge about new products 2021 in compact form


Our top news in 7 presentations

From 3D printing and cost-effective automation at a fixed price to the sustainability of plastics: the presentations created in the context of the Hannover Trade Show Digital Days are now available as video or compact white papers specially prepared for you. 

Click here to go to the various topics 

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Issue 05/2021

168 innovations

motion plastics® Newly developed products at a record level

More new products, range extensions and digital offerings than ever before:

Telescopic robot hose packages, dry-operating ball bearings with 21 times the service life, large scale 3D printing, 4K or smart and much, much more … You can find out about the top new products in this newsletter, as a quick video overview, or by reading about them on the web, also as a catalogue and on the physical/virtual trade show stand that has received the iF Design award.

Enjoy reading and discovering all the news.

Matthew Aldridge

Matthew Aldridge

Tech up, cost down. It´s our job.

9 top new products overview in 7 minutes


Artur Peplinski presents the top innovations overview in 7 minutes. Directly from the IMPS igus® motion plastics® show in Cologne.

15 of 168 motion plastics innovations 2021

triflex TRX

Revolution in robot energy supply
Space-saving installation with retraction length of up to 40%.
Telescopic triflex® TRX

iglidur TX2

Heavy-duty plain bearings, lubrication-free and cost-effective
Last 3.5 times longer. Made of high-strength filament fabric. 
iglidur® TX2

e-chain® 4040RHDB

Complicated engineering reduced to a few mouse clicks
Complete systems for long travels up to 200 metres.
rol e-chain® 4040RHDB

ESD tribo-tape

Avoid damage to components
Ideal wherever ESD properties are essential.
iglidur® ESD tribo-tape


Revolution for the semiconductor industry
43% lighter, 39% thinner, extra-long service life.
chainflex® CFCLEAN

3D printing

Huge tribo components in one 3D printing process
Large-format 3D printing with the materials iglidur® I150 and iglidur® I151.
Large-format 3D printing


“Chains for cranes®” next level
Extremely long service life for the latest generations of cranes.
e-chain® P4HD


Gears with more than 300 different dimensions from stock
Available tribo-optimised with different geometries.
S270 gears

e-chain® 4040RHDB

Up to 46% faster harnessing
FastConnect-able PROFINET cable.
chainflex® CF898.061.FC


Corrosion-free housing for operation in tough conditions
With same dimensions as cast iron housings.
igubal® bearing housing


Remote integration for low-cost automation, fixed price
Stand-alone solutions | ROI < 12 months. 
RBTX Lean Robotix

drylin RW360CM

New class of precision & Rigidity
Clip-in liners for linear plain bearings made of iglidur® W360.
drylin® RW360CM


Modular gearbox system for cobots … Build-or-buy
Motor & electronics inside, plastic gearbox, 25% lighter. 

xiros cage

xiros® ball bearings … 21 times the service life, lubrication-free
Improvement of strength and sliding properties.
xiros® cage

i.Sense:modul II

Industry 4.0 … Save 3 devices
Now 4 sensors in a switch cabinet module.
i.Sense:modul II

With all innovations 2021

IMPS igus motion plastics show

With all new 2021 products and having received the iF Design Award: our 400 m² physical/virtual trade show stand has been freshly smartened up for your visit.

Whenever you want, you can explore it on your own. Or you can get one of your igus® specialists to show you the new products personally.

All motion plastics® news to browse through


More than 400 pages of innovations
You can either swipe your way through the PDF digitally or you can turn the pages of the printed catalogue manually:

Download the News 2021 now as a PDF file or order it as a printed catalogue and take as much time as you need to find out about our innovations.

Click here to download the catalogue as a PDF (53.8 MB)
Click here to order the printed catalogue

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