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dryspin® is the range of high helix threads designed and manufactured by igus®, these are also known as steep threads or multi-start lead screws. dryspin® has been specifically engineered for optimum lifetime in fast screw applications. This product range still offers the key advantages for which...
Low Cost Automation is a group of products within the igus® dry-tech® product range. These products range from something as simple as a lead screw and nut, through to a fully working robot arm. There are three main robot types that we offer within our Low Cost Automation range. These all have the...
Tell us about your application and how our components helped you to reduce your ROI. Cost down, value up!
20 February 2020 Erin Kemal Gantries , Low Cost Automation
Multi-axis gantries are machinery systems that can travel across predefined surfaces or volumes. At igus®, we have gantry applications lifting hundreds of kilos for industrial tasks and others carrying out millimetres of travel for high precision tasks.
Their precision, strength, and ongoing energy levels make robots ideal employees for the practical and theoretical tasks that humans find difficult or boring to do.
4 February 2020 Erin Kemal Gantries , Low Cost Automation
There are endless modular combinations of axes for igus gantries: with our toothed belt drives, rack and pinion and/or leadscrew drives. The flexibility of choice results in a truly bespoke solutions for each application.
4 February 2020 Erin Kemal Gantries , Low Cost Automation
The primary tests include: long linear stroke; linear technology underwater; coefficient of friction and wear. The standard igus® tests ensure the smooth incorporation of data into our free online tools which igus® employees and igus® customers can use to find the appropriate solution for an appl...